Zencart versus Abantecart

After making the decision to create a store on your website or in your private space, a couple of open source shopping cart programs leap to the front of the list for standard shared hosting providers. Zencart, the venerable feature leader of the Opencart movement, and Abantecart, an upstart that has been capturing a lot of attention among those who are more likely to side with Magento.

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Hosting User Interface

One of the areas that we sat down and compared the two on was the ease of use for the Admin UI. Zencart has a completely simple, fairly non-graphical control panel that takes an admin less than a minute to learn when they are well-versed in the individual roles that have been created with a Zencart install. Within minutes, Zencart can be customized so that suppliers that are using Zencart are able to pay via NET terms while splitting the shipping costs into zones or any other way the owner wants it to be seen.

Abantecart, on the other hand is designed from the ground up to incorporate all decision-making from within the GUI. One can change local language strings by going to language extension fields and adding to them or editing them. It is more difficult to change other environment variables, yet for every search and customization that needs to be done to make Zencart your own, the admin GUI in Abantecart can become your fast friend, allowing you to make all settings and product changes necessary for your success.

Fast Hosting

As for complexity and speed, Abantecart is more of a resource hog than Zencart, all other things being equal. It is also a bit more fickle when it comes to data acceptance. Zencart has an extension and a customization for almost any feature you can think of. Abantecart needs to have extensions developed to allow for direct payment.

Turning to areas such as stability and scalability, Abantecart is quite easily broken when customization is done to the database that is fixed to the development created in the GUI. Adding a product_id to fields where it mattered caused a large fail for a while. The database and the entire shopping cart were unable to be administered.

Opencart Templates

Zencart may not be as visually sophisticated, but each storekeeper and every store seem to lend themselves to additional customization. The customization system within Zencart is developed so that each customization has a minimal impact on the design of the rest of the store. The customization system that is external to Abantecart favors those who use poor syntax. There are probably over 100 templates available for Zencart at no additional cost. Abantecart has only two other templates that are of any use to someone committed to receiving open source software.

For selling affiliated products within one’s indivudual store, Zencart makes it easy to do so while Abantecart does not have an affiliate program available for website contributors.

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@JulianaP16 (On Twitter) is an associate at a well known company InMotion Hosting known for their range of many ecommerce opencart templates and package choices.  InMotion Hosting have developed a cornerstone of the best 24/7 technical support in the US and range of server side solutions to suit advanced hosting needs.

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