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The way internet marketing is taking shape; future of contextual ads seems to be very bright. Gone are the days when one had to rely on TV, newspaper and radio marketing. This is the digital age and a lot is happening over the internet. Contextual ads way of marketing is fast growing. However, the new kid on the block is Yahoo! Bing Network Contextual Ads, by none other than Yahoo. powers the entire ad network. As the name suggest, it is a joint venture between Yahoo with Microsoft. People are seeing this ad network as a strong competition against Google’s Adsense.

yahoo bing ad network plays a very important role in the entire project. handles all the business operations and pays money to the publishers. Yahoo plays role in managing advertisers and receives payments from the advertisers. In the background, Bing advertising technology is being used. However, as per Yahoo Bing network, they do not see Google as their competitor and neither are they in any sort of rivalry. has already raked in on over $200 million and supports a team of over 400 people. They are soon planning to raise the figure to 500.

Today, mobile browsing is taking a major portion of web viewership. Yahoo Bing Contextual Ad Network is mobile platform ready and will serve them too. They are not asking the publisher to shift to them at one go but asking them to have a mix of advertisers to find a large jump in the revenue earned by ads on websites. Yahoo Bing network, if marketed well, is certainly going to stay for a longer period.

Getting enrolled to Yahoo Bing Ad Network shall be the first step that a webmaster should work on. Not only the revenue would be upscale but the entire latest feature incorporated in new network can be utilized too. To get resister, one need to have a Yahoo id. It can be created free. Once the email id and account creation is done, register the website or the blog, you wish to put the ads. A JavaScript code is provided to the webmaster, which is to be placed on pre-designed area on the WebPages.

A lot many websites have been able to earn a huge profit by means of implementing these contextual ads. As the ads are very specific to the content of the webpage, chances of users clicking on ads gets high percentile. Indirectly, clicking on these ads is a boon for the web owner. Yahoo and Bing Contextual ads have recognized these money making market and have started to invest a lot into it. The network currently owns over 30% of the share comprising of over 50 million searches based on yahoo and Bing network alone. Not only this have had they also claimed to have more conversion ratio.

There is no denying fact that getting enrolled on Yahoo Bing Contextual Ad Network is surely going to increase the revenue of web owners. Registration is free and open to all but first you have to Request An Invite.

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