World of YouTube Video Ads are Growing More Than TV Ads

Nowadays popularity of YouTube Video ads industry are growing at fast pace. Earlier Television media was quite important but now internet is a great way of getting information. You can also marketing your business over internet. There are various sites where you can market your product like social media networking sites, affiliate programs, bookmarking sites and many other such programs.

 youtube ads vs tv

Advertisement is a best product marketing way. Earlier Advertisement only works on TV. Business man used to give their ads on TV channels but now you can make a video ad for YouTube. YouTube is a second largest search engine where you can market your product with the help of creating a video. Nowadays you can find audience on YouTube more than TV.

A biggest firm eMarketer did a research and said, “Video is the fastest growing form of online advertising, with spending increasing 46 percent last year, and outpacing popular formats such as search ads and display ads.” Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora said on Tuesday that “spending among YouTube’s top 100 advertisers increased by more than 50 percent in 2012 compared with the year before.”

With the increase of YouTube video Ad it has been seen that Facebook is developing a video ad service too. Tim Morse, the former Yahoo finance chief who became CFO of video advertising technology company Adap.TV this month uttered, “One of our highest priorities was to create more online video experiences, because that’s where the demand is for advertising.” It has been seen that video advertising is getting much more popular. He also said, “It’s the closest to what they’ve had offline. They’re looking for the same kind of medium where they can connect with consumers.”

The biggest automobile brand Chevrolet is running online video ads for several years, Carolin Probst-Iyer, the manager of digital consumer engagement for the General Motors (GM.N) division revealed. Now Chevrolet is looking for new advertising ways.

In this video ad world money making opportunities are also high. From video ad you can make thousands of dollars. As you can see that video ad rates can reach $20 per thousand views. RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney said, “The entire Internet advertising to date has come from print sources,” such as newspapers, magazines and yellow pages. We are at a point where television ad budgets are likely to come online.”

YouTube create hundreds of premium channels and offers great services. It has been seen that the rate of people watching TV is decreasing day by day. most of the people re tuning towards internet.

With the increase of YouTube services and money making opportunities importance of video ads are increasing day by day.

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