Why You Should Care for Outbound Links?

There are so much of discussion out there that outbound links are useful or not but i would outbound links are very important for SEO of a website. If you go in depth of outbound marketing then your conversation will convert in debate because this topic is very vast. Outbound links are the primary source to attain better keyword rankings in the organic search results. Outbound links improve the keyword ranking of websites in search engine results pages (SERPs). To increase the popularity of your site it is important to create outbound links. Sometimes people scared of using external links because they think that external links harm their reputation or damage their search engine rankings. It may cost them PageRank or create exit portals where users will drop off.


outbound links


But actually Google care about your outbound links but why? Do you know why it happened so? There are few reasons behind it, few of them are mentioned below:


Increase Web Traffic

If your blog or website is providing any needy product and services then it is obvious for people to click on external links to get relevant info. Outbound links track the web traffic. When we create outbound link on our website then it have the potential to attract important, relevant, valuable eyeballs which is really very important for your website. Having relevant outbound links to from your content will help you establish your website and increases web traffic. To increase traffic you should care about outbound links.


More Resources for Users

With the help of outbound links user find more relevant resources and this is what appreciated by users. If you link your pages to other pages, it will help in building loyal visitors which lead to increase readership.

Participation & Contribution

Do you want support for your website which makes it more successful? There are numbers of talented people you can find on internet who can make your website more successful if they give little contribution in it. With the help of outbound links large amount of bloggers, social media sophisticates, online journalists, website builders & forum participants connect with your site. With their participation and contribution they increase the credibility of your website.


These are few things which shows why you care for outbound links. Now it is up to you that how you use outbound links. To get more and more opportunities it will be good for you and your site to add more external links. It gives you maximum opportunities but always make quality and relevant external links. All the best for your website!

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