Why To Use Adwords Automated Rules

In the competitive world of PPC campaigns where each click could make an extra dime, bidding on the most promising keywords is the important task.  Bidding on each and every keyword could be a tedious job and it is when automated bidding management software comes to your rescue. Google AdWords’ Automated rules is one such feature that is a milestone in the leaps and bounds the PPC campaign has scaled so far.

What do Adwords’ automated rules offer you?

Prepare to be amazed by the countless benefits of Adwords’ automated rules. Basically this feature helps you carry out your work with minimal manpower, setup, time and investment.

This feature is a boon for small scale business owners and people with limited monitoring time as it does an effective job in their place ensuring maximum traffic to their sites.


You need not bother yourself with doing a job repeatedly over and over again. Just submit the list of work automated rules has to do for you and sit relaxed. Changes to your budget, ad status, and bids can all be done in a much easier way with automated rules. Some of the services provided by Adwords’ Automated rules are

  • Schedule your promotion events for your ads any time you want
  • Pause keywords and ads that have a low performance
  • Control your average position by changing bids
  • Raise your keywords bids for SEO optimization
  • Get email alerts and notification on budget status.
  • Make changes to your budget based on peaks and drops in traffic.

You can set about 100 rules for each user accessing an account. So that makes like a huge options for you to make rules on various tasks that can now be done by automation without you breaking a sweat.

How to set rules?

  1. Creating a rule starts with clicking on the Automate button in the account.
  2. It gives you a list of drop down menu items for Campaign, Ads, keywords tab or Ad groups.
  3. Select the desired rules from menu tab
  4. Enter the conditions and criteria for your rule. Your rules get triggered when these conditions occur.
  5. Set your limits on budget
  6. Set the frequency for the rule to be run i.e., How often it should be executed.
  7. Click on the preview button to review the settings you have made.
  8. Save the rule.

You can use the manage option to manage, automate and view the log details of each rule. Be sure to make regular checks on the logs so that your rules don’t cause any extra burden on your budget.

There are many customizations available like setting the hour of the day and conversion optimizer that help you make better revenue from your ads.

Why use automated rules?

Automated rules are big time savers and can do much help in reducing your headache in doing the same job again and again.

With just a click on the Automate button set your rule, have a preview and relax.

With continuous ups and downs that may happen to your ad’s position in the search results you may not be able to monitor these changes all the time. You can feel assured by setting rules based on your condition criteria. Your biddings will be automated thereby ensuring your presence even though you are not present manually.

Consider a situation where you have to go live with a special promotion event in an untimely hour of 3 am in the morning. You don’t have to make liters of coffee to stay awake until 3. Automated rules can do it for you and you can have peaceful slumber.

Give automated rules a try and you will not regret your decision. Automated rules are an excellent aid in managing your account!

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