Which SEO Factors Should You Avoid Checking Daily?

Why Not Check Them?

In short, checking the aspects that we are going to explore on a daily basis will drive you mad. Do not get me wrong, having a clear focus on SEO is nothing but a great thing for your website, however spending too much time obsessing over certain aspects of it will stop you from spending time actually working on your SEO strategy itself!


What should you avoid checking on a daily basis to keep your blood pressure and heart rate as low as possible?


Yes, you read that right. Of course, almost everyone bases the success of an SEO campaign on their rankings, so why wouldn’t you want to make sure you are featured prominently every day?

  • Search engines are providing more personalised results for each user
  • Search result will differ depending on location
  • Images and breaking news stories can impact on search rankings daily

Search rankings fluctuate on a daily basis. That is going to happen, so do not waste your time trying to buck the trend and rank at number one 365 days a year. Instead, continue with your SEO campaign that you know works, and adapt accordingly based on long term trends.

Inbound Links

It can take a search engine weeks, if not months, to index certain pages online. If you have submitted 50 guest posts for inbound links in the last week, do not expect to see instant results. Constantly checking your inbound links will likely leave you doing work you do not need to do, and also have a detrimental effect on the other areas of your SEO campaign.

Stick to a schedule of link auditing and focus on it every 6-12 months, but do not spend your day worrying about your link portfolio.

The Competition

This is another sure fire way to drive yourself mad very quickly. Of course, competitor analysis is one of the most important areas in terms of making any business a success, but should you be obsessing about their SEO techniques? No, not at all. Not only would you be wasting the time trying to work out what a search spider ranks so highly, you would also be missing out on the opportunity to work on improving your own campaign.

Social Media

Whether it be the number of Pinterest re-pins, Facebook likes or Twitter retweets or followers, there is a tendency to be too obsessed with social media. Yes, the user generated content is great for SEO, but you are not going to become a search superstar by buying followers each day because you are not happy with your social scores.

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