Which One is Better SEO or PPC?

Users have options to generate business through Marketing over the web. No doubt that SEO is the first choice to get marketed their products but there is a limit when marketer has to choose among the options SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click). But question is that, among these which is the better option that leads to drive more traffic to their sites and generate leads. Should we invest in SEO or in PPC? These are some of the question that creates trouble for the new marketers for which we have to make some arguments. But here I suggest SEO rather than PPC and highlights some points in its favor.


Firstly we have to understand little bit introduction of the titles SEO and PPC:

  • SEO is a manual and unpaid process through which we can improve the visibility of a website on search engines.
  • PPC follows by paid process to the search engine and list in their searches. Bid amount on keywords and click-through rate generated by your ads are the factor through which your site is ranked.

When we think of online marketing, the weighing of SEO and PPC are different from each other and tries to know about what the benefits and losses in adopting them. The speed of gaining benefits is the primary thing that creates different here. And the second thing is how long the action supplies the benefits.

Let me give you a clear picture of the same:

PPC is similar to water tap where, at the moment, you put the switch on water will flow, similarly in the case of PPC when in fractions of seconds of creating a campaigns it will rain the clicks and visitors and after you stop paying it will automatically stops. Unlike PPC, SEO generates the long last benefits of the actions you have taken to improve the traffic.

In SEO, marketers attracts the traffic by improving the quality of website, that means, content, tags and much more that are search engines friendly. It takes some efforts at the initial level but gives the benefits of being loved by search engines.

Pay Per Click However Values A lot

Suggesting SEO doesn’t mean to ignore PPC completely as well. PPC has its own importance for the customer that can pay and need result at a faster rate. Here are some of basic reasons that may lead you to opt PPC as compared to SEO:

  • Quick results
  • Top placements of your Ads
  • Improve Organic Click Through Rates
  • Complete command over campaign and your costs

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