What is image hotlinking and how to stop it?

Search engine optimization carries numbers of techniques to optimize any brand or product. Image hotlinking is one of them. Image hotlinking refers to a file hosted on different server which is not own by web developer. In the case web developer also don’t have permission to access it. It is quite similar to link building processes but hotlinking is only done with images. Image hotlinking also said to be bandwidth theft which mean you use other’s website bandwidth and save yours.

stop image hotlinking

It is true that hotlinking is a great way of SEO but it also has several disadvantages. By image hotlinking you may be violating copyright law. As you read above that sometimes web developer also don’t have permission to access hotlinked image so if the host of that image decides to clear out hotlinked images, they can replace that image with anything that he want.

Image hotlinking is a kind of bandwidth theft which should not be done so the question arises that how to stop people to do hotlinking? If you search on internet over the topic you can found plugins which can automatically stop hotlinking of your images. You can also find Feed Burner that can erase images from your blog feed.

To prevent hotlinking to your blog you have to make changes in your .htaccess file and create a new .htaccess file to prevent image hotlinking. You can the more information how to create .htaccess file here.

Do use this tool and make your site better.

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