What Is Domain Authority?

The title itself shows the definition of domain authority. Domain authority is the biggest SEO factor. It is a measure of the power of a domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. In other words it measure online business authority. It probably measured by the amount and quality of the sites that link to it. Basically massive domain authority is given to very popular sites that have gained a lot of links from credible sources. It also helps an owner to analyse how well a domain can be expected to perform in Google search results.

Domain authority is based on three factors: Age, Popularity, and Size. These are elaborated below. Check it out:

domain authority

Domain Age

Domain authority can be measured through the age of domain. It is a good indication to analyse that it is legitimate and trustworthy. If you are looking for how to determine the age of domain then you can use various tools. To see what has actually existed on a domain, you can use the WayBack Machine at archive.org. If someone is there who is maintaining constant domain registration then it is better that same owner has maintained the registration and has had a website with traffic on that domain.


Domain Popularity

With the help of good domain authority Search engines determine a domain or site’s popularity by numbers of websites. Domain popularity is quite important as it helps in sharing useful information. Once link is scattered then it is explored over internet with help of those who are interested in relevant topics. You can use the free Yahoo Site Explorer to analyse the links coming back to your own site. Domain popularity can be done on high scale via high volume link-buying campaigns.


Know Your Domain Authority…


Domain Size

The size of domain really matter to domain authority. This is because the number of pages on any domain expands that domain’s “footprint” and its ability to attract natural links by offering a good amount of useful content. Webpages and blogs who are having good domain authority is indexed much more quickly as compared to those who are having little domain authority. Webpages having good authority also have good chance of having higher ranking in search engines.

Domain authority is really very important if you want your website on good ranking on SERP. It works well in highly competitive market. So use Domain authority for better SEO.

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