Types of Retargeting Every Marketer Should Know

Search Retargeting is one of the most popular subject to marketers under the term retargeting. And I think that this should not be anything to blame that as search retargeting is the most effective expanding style of retargeting and has demonstrated to have a number of the returns. But it is also true, to receive that other type of retargeting types are also consider to be a remarkably powerful tools used by the marketers as well as engage potential target crowd.

search retargeting

Dax Hamman, at SES San Francisco 2012, exposes types of retargeting which should be understand and follow by marketers.

Search retargeting

Search retargeting is a process of retargeting utilized by internet marketers to focus on audience according to the previous searches they perform on other sites. While doing search retargeting you chase the visitors on search engines and search for the keywords related to interest. It is like a prediction for the searcher’s objective and we have to take it into consideration at the time of choosing this method.

It is fully dependent on the assumption in which you have to you have to consider the purpose of search by the users and it also understand that it is an assumption that may be perfect or may be wrong anytime. So be careful while offer your services.

Site Retargeting

Site Retargeting is concept of dealing with the visitors who have left your website in order to make them come back again, sign up for the newsletter and much more to do. But the ultimate goal is attract them again. Once the searcher visits your site you can tag them as well as observe them via any means such as messages.  While choosing this method don’t forget to prepare yourself for certain action as “tag-worthy.”

SEM/SEO Retargeting

SEM/SEO retargeting is related to the previous one i.e. site retargeting and considers the term or keyword used to arrive on your site. It is all related to the keyword has given to you in the last statement and you have to make a new level or higher level to consider the keyword to build a perfect message conversation with the searchers.

Email Retargeting

As the name suggest, this includes the process where you retarget searchers according to their response for your emails. In this process, degree of involvement is important here and must be taken into consideration and it is because of the reason that sometime some of the searchers may click the link, forward it or didn’t open it.

Contextual Retargeting

According to searchenginewatch, “In all the sessions I’ve moderated, never have I heard an “oooooh” from the audience as when contextual retargeting was introduced”. It consists of interchanging pixels i.e. exchanging the information among the sites according to the searcher that is highly relevant to the searches and targeting to visitors of other websites. For instance, a visitor search for the flight to go for holidays also requires hotels information and it involves airline and local hotel sites depend on this they both hit visitors of each others.

Engagement Retargeting

This type of retargeting is not commonly used or can say least frequently employed method. And particularly used for who provide options of involvement mediums such as Flash games, video, rich media and many more.

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