Top Alternatives of Google Analytics To Analyse Your Website

To promote your brand SEO is very important. It helps in driving huge amount of traffic. Do you want to analyse your web traffic? No worries, Google Analytics is there to analyse your website traffic. Google Analytics is most popular website analysing tool. It has been estimated that 55% of the most popular websites uses Google for traffic analysis.

2012 TechCrunch article revealed about Google Analytics tool, “Google Analytics have about 82 percent market share and is used by more than 10 million websites. We really don’t need an alternative to Google Analytics as it is free, reliable, powerful and somewhat easy to use. It is good to process up to 10 million hits per month and if you want more then there is a premium version Analytics which targets enterprise users and costs $150,000 annually with 24/7 dedicated support team.”


If you don’t want to use Google Analytics tool and want to try something else then there are various options available. Below are few top alternatives of Google Analytics Tool, have a look:

Session Cam

Session Cam is free online tool up to 500 pages per month. This is a unique online tool which shows every moment of your website visitors. It lets you record and replays every visit to your website. It we go deep inside the Session Cam tool theory then you can see every mouse and scroll to hit your site. With the help of this tool you can access to heat maps, Web analytics, conversion funnels and field drop-off reports.



Woopra is a great alternative of Google Analytics which monitors web traffic 24/7. It displays important stats, analytics about your visitors in real-time.  With the help of this tool you can generate reports and send out emails to invite your customers to revisit your Website. Woopra Analytic Tool is free of cost for basic use; start-up cost is $79.95/month, Small Business ($199.95/month), Premium ($499.95/month).


Inspectlet is quite similar to Session Cam. It has great features of analysis. Inspectlet capture visitors screen. It also provides feature of eye-tracking heat maps, real-time analytics and custom metrics. Just like Session Cam you can check every flash of your visitor i.e. each and every click, scroll, and typing. If we talk about pricing Inspetlet it has basic use free of cost, Micro ($9.99/month), Standard ($39.99/month), Pro ($69.99/month), Large ($119.99/month).


To track real time web traffic Gauses is a great tool. Whenever your site get new visitor it’ll track them. You can locate them very well. It displays your data in a beautiful charts and graphs, which are all accessible from a single dashboard. Gauges can show you the status of gauges. Pricing type of Gauges is solo ($6/month), Small ($12/month), Large ($48/month).


Reinvigorate is also called Snoop. This tool helps you to see all of your data and stats from your computer desktop. This is a simple, real-time Web analytics and heatmaps tool. Through Reinvigorate you can track the visitors activities page views in real-time. It offers 14 days free trial and Starter ($10/month), Pro ($20/month), Custom (from $100/month).

If you are looking for good alternative of Google Analytics Tool then these are top 5 alternatives to track visitor status of your website.

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