TOP 5 Tactics To Create Back-Links To Your Blog

In this article you will find five of the top ways to create back-links to your blog. They are in order, with number one being the best, and onwards. The article explains what each method is and why it is good. The bullet points that follow are the reasons why that particular technique ranks so highly considering that there are so many other techniques that one may use.


  1. Buy them

You should pay someone to get you some back links. It is not just the people who offer their services who can do it. You can create a project on a freelance bidding website and have regular citizens offer to link to you for a fee. They may have access to a lot of domains and be able to provide you with a few varied links.

Failing that you should search out a good SEO company and buy some links from them. They can aim a few links at your site. Just so long as they do it by “white hat means”, you are safe from being penalized by a search engine.

  • It is very easy
  • You get links from a wider range of domains
  • You can pay people as many times as you like to as many different companies/individuals as you like
  1. Articles

You should hire people to write articles for you. They can submit them to article websites and add a link from that article to your blog. You can even write a few articles yourself and submit them off to other websites. It is a fairly cheap (if not free) way of getting a few back links. You can also make sure that the content of the articles is related to the links anchor text (for a better SEO affect).

  • There is a very large scope for relating the anchor text to your blogs keywords
  • You can hire people to write for you if you cannot be bothered
  • There is no limit to how many articles you write and therefore no limit to how many back links you can create
  1. Social Media

With social media you can gain back links from friends. You can use the platform to gain friends and supporters. You may then encourage them to link to your from their blogs, social media profiles and websites. This does require quite an investment of time on your part, but it takes spot number three because you can create a large pool of friends and followers, some of whom will link to your blog out of online loyalty.

  • It is easy and cheap (two great qualities)
  1. Go viral

Make your content viral, link bait, funny, newsworthy, shocking, scary, controversial, etc. There are lots of ways you could craft your content so that people wish to link to it organically. The fact is, if your blog is good enough it will gain natural back links and rise in SERP rankings on its own, (Search Engine Results Page).

  • High quality and original gains organic back links for free
  • You can upload great content as many times as you wish
  1. Reciprocity

You can ask to swap links. It is a bit lack luster, but it works. There are others out there who are just itching to link to others. A reciprocal link is a nice way of doing that–especially if you are not a competitor with the other person. Try to make sure that your email does not become spam.

Come up with an original request email for each person you contact. Tell them why linking to you would be a good idea. Tell them how you could both funnel targeted traffic to each other. Tell them how many hits you get and explain how they are regular visitors.

Tell the other person why the people visiting your site will be interested in their site, and why their visitors would be interested in your site. People with a higher Page rank may not be too keen to trade links with you, but the worst they can say is no.

  • Simple but effective if you want long term links.

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