Top 5 Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress

Internet has become the fourth necessity of humanity today. Tempo of techno world is heading towards a scenario where it will occupy the first position among the necessity. Blogging has also emerged as a growing sector in techno world and email marketing acts like a life giving medicine to all bloggers. Newsletter is one of the medium that helps the blogger to maintain a regular and smooth relation with their readers. It facilitates maintenance of old list of the reader and as well as aid in conversions. Though it is a common among bloggers but a list of them considers them a mere waste. It is a false impression as it acts like investment and not a waste. It not only gathers traffic for your blog but also keep you updated about its popularity.


Though list of best Email marketing WordPress Plugin is endless but the best five are as follows:


WordPress newsletter-

This Plugin had enrolled itself among the topmost WordPress newsletter. It is packed with endless unique features which at the same time are beneficial too. The price of this Plugin is three time less than the competitive products. It requires only one time payment and offers subscription in newsletter for the readers of their blog. Number of subscribers can reach to unlimited number. Subscribers are segregated in various lists. Built-in option offers email designing with ease. It also permits you to keep a track of the number of emails that has been read. It has other features too.

Wysija Newsletters-

It is second most popular WordPress newsletter Plugins. The best attractive feature of this plugin is it comes free of cost. Free factor foster this plugin and make it more desirable than any other software. The customization of this software is too easy and you can provide them desirable look with some easy click. It has many other features too that makes it too attractive for users.

WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin-

Tthis software also permits limitless subscribers and unlimited emails. The number of autoresponders can also reach to any limit and is assigned with no restriction.


Mailpress Plugin has protracted massively from its commencement. It is so much packed with positive features that if you will use them once than surely you would consider it among the perfect ones. It is also free and required no payment to make in order to use it. It is very helpful in creating all kind of masterful newsletter.

ALO EasyMail Newsletter-

This Plugin permits the user to gather as much subscriber they want. The list of subscriber can be ported easily. It foster Multilanguage feature and hence offers opportunity to write in any language they want.

Though market is packed with endless list of plugins and is enough to confuse you while selecting one for yourself. Always select the plugin that could meet your entire requirement. Before investing your hard earned money and precious time in any Plugins, understand your need and then select a plugin that correctly meets your plugin needs.

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