Top 3 Best Paid Traffic Sources Other Than Google Adwords And Bing

In today’s time expensive are much more than earnings. So never depends upon single source of income. Warren Bufflet said something in his statement, “Never depend on single income. Make investment to create a second source.” This statement is absolutely true. Nowadays online business and blogging an information provider is running on high peak and people are earning a lot from that. Google Adwords and Bing are leading name in paid advertising over the Internet which is really a great way of making money.

adwords alternatives

Few people disagree with this tact as Google store their personal info. If you look around then there are dozens of alternatives of paid advertisement and making money online. Below are top three alternatives given, have a look:

Facebook Ads

Facebook is the biggest social networking website which is quite popular these days. Today Facebook has millions of users along with 2500+ applications. This site gives you uncountable features. For making money online you can make use of Facebook Ads. Facebook Ads are depends upon the location, gender, preferences, job or age. To grab visitor always find you targeted
audiences. While posting Ad you can also put an image to click which will be quite eye catching and attract the visitors. Before moving make a plot of targeted audiences!

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the biggest professional network around the world. You can make good network professionally over here. The LinkedIn Direct Ads program represents another great alternative to Adwords and Bing advertising. It is quite similar to Facebook Ads. You can make an Ad on it professionally and connect to millions of audiences but the only difference the cost. LinkedIn Ads are more costly than other programs. You can only make business ads on it as this website runs professionally.

Kontera Ads

Kontera Ad is the third alternative of Google Adwords. This is really great for the advertisements applied in text. It gives you Kontera content link or internal link bit apart from that it allows you to access social media advertising, Kontera Affiliate.

These above are few alternatives of Google Adwords and Bing. These alternatives link you every kind of different world. Via Facebook you can connect yourself to social media group as you can find here every type of user. Here you can post your party picture or any other. Via LinkedIn you can connect yourself to business world succeed in making a professional network around the world. And lastly Kontera Ads, it is a content activation platform. Here you can make only text ads. So use your best!

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