Tips to Get Home Buyers in a Twitter

Social media makes the real estate world completely different. In the past, when a seller wanted to put their house on the market without the help of a realtor they had to rely on a little for sale sign in their front lawn and word of mouth. That’s all changed. Now that social media is so prevalent in people’s lives, sellers can take to the internet to sell their house and reach thousands of potential buyers in a matter of minutes. If you want tips to get home buyers in a twitter, you only need to do a few things.

Target Your Specific Keywords and Create a Microsite

The internet is run on keywords. If you aren’t sure what that means, that’s okay. Keywords are the words people typically look up when they want to do a search on the internet. For example, if you want to sell your house in Miami in a neighborhood call Glenwood Estates, try creating content that has words such as Miami, house, Glenwood Estates, house for sale, and Miami house. These are the typical keywords people might use when searching the internet for a house for sale in Glenwood Estates in Miami. You can even use this as the URL for a blog you create to talk about the house and garner more traffic to the sale.

To create a microsite, use a site such as WordPress. This is a hugely popular site that looks both professional and engaging. It also supports whatever type of media you want to use. It supports videos, photos, widgets, and documents. You can link your WordPress account to several different accounts, such as your Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter pages to get buyers looking.

Make it Personal

Create a blog post that talks about the house in a personal manner. If you are a realtor attempting to sell the house, ask the sellers why they loved living in it when they did. If you are the seller, create a personal account of the reasons you loved living in this house. Now that you have this blog created, share it on your twitter account, your Facebook page, and your LinkedIn account so that all of the people you are connected with can see it. Buyers will see the house from your point of view. They will know exactly what part of the house is the best, which day the ice cream truck drives through the neighborhood, which house gives out the best candy on Halloween, and which restaurants located near the house are the best ones for dining in and taking out.

Don’t Stick To One Social Media Outlet

Post links on your twitter account is a great way to market your house. However, it’s not the only way. Create a blog, Facebook account, LinkedIn account, Flickr account, YouTube account, and any other social media account you can create. This will all link to your twitter account, so you twitter followers can share your information from your blogs, Facebook page, and other pages in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Do It Alone

You might think you don’t need a real estate agent, but chances are that with one you will makeeven more money on the sale of your home. They can help you to reach more people than you can reach by yourself, and they have tips and suggestions that will help you make small changes to your home that will help it to sell faster. Never underestimate the power of your realtor, because he or she is a professional who has been in this industry for a very long time.


Ben Sawyer is Social Media Marketing analyst for a long time. He created some very successful viral campaign for his previous clients. Currently, a real estate company from New York, hired him for improving their online presence. He created a successful  Twitter campaign for them and shared his tips about it with us.

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