Tips for Outsourcing Copywriters

So many businesses make the mistake of hiring full time staff, when they could get away with a fraction of the cost by outsourcing.

Think about this for a minute, you hire a staff member to write your blogs and promotional materials for your business, you buy them a new desk and chair and then you have the internet and phone line extended to the new desk. Once that is done you pay them a set salary each month where you are responsible for PAYE and the employer’s liability insurance. You can just imagine the cost.

outsourcing copywriting

Now think about this for a second. You need some blogs and promotional work written, you go online and find copywriters who work from home offices and will charge you for each piece of material. You don’t need a new desk, chair, internet or phone line. You don’t need to pay PAYE for them and you don’t have to worry about employer’s liability insurance. This sounds so much better doesn’t it?

The advantages of outsourcing far outweigh any disadvantages.  Besides the money you save on desk space you can choose the right person you feel for the job, whether they live two minutes away from your offices or on the other side of the globe.

You will find that outsourced personnel very seldom don’t complete work due to illness, because they work from home and for themselves, they are more likely to meet deadlines and work even when they are poorly.

Now there can be disadvantages to this too, but they are very minimal. The first is that you can’t interview face to face, which makes it a little difficult to determine if the person is the right one for you.

So how do you find the right copywriters through outsourcing?  Here are a few simple tips.

Find a Writing Company

Speak to companies who specialise in copywriting and SEO and see if they are available to help you. Usually they will have sites which will clearly state their pricing structures, what they offer and how they can assist you.  You may feel more comfortable dealing with a company rather than individuals at this point, as you know they are a business and they will strive to ensure your needs are met.

If you do decide to go it alone and steer clear of the companies, then you are going to have to dig a little deeper to find the right copywriters.  There are lots of outsourcing platforms available, but the problem is that you may find the quality of the work isn’t what you were hoping for.  It appears that on these sites the writers work for very affordable prices, but the quality of their writing is poor as they are not English speaking. This can be quite a time consuming task for you when you are already trying to run your business and now you have loads of proofreading to do as well.

Samples of Previous Work

Get the applicants to all write a sample article for you or to submit a previous article as a sample, this way you can check to ensure that they are able to complete the project with ease and that they are not just copying and pasting from other sites and claiming the work is theirs.

I tend to stay with companies that specialise in writing for this very reason, they have a team of copywriters who work for them, they then receive the work from the writers where it is thoroughly proofread and put through a plagiarism checker before sending it to you, this is to ensure that everything is of the highest quality when you get your blogs or promotional materials, without any stress or frustration on your part.

Outsourcing copywriters is a cost effective way for any business to enjoy quality writing for blogs, articles and web pages.

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