Things to Know about Facebook while optimizing

Facebook is a great way to optimize any website. It is an awesome social networking website where millions of people meet each other worldwide. Facebook revealed that they will begin testing promoted posts so that they will reach to the people. There are number of ways to optimize a website and facebook is one of them. Advertisement of brands into news feed on facebook is answerable. There are few critical things to know about promoted posts. You must know them. Promoted posts are done to promote any product which targets the product directly or indirectly is a nice way but nowadays you must remember few things before doing it.


While doing promoted post you must know the timeline. Whenever you share any post on a Page’s Timeline Community Managers, you will be charged $10, $20, or $30 which will run for three days and are auto-optimized by for CPM. Facebook now launch a feature which allows you to promote your post so that more of your fans like and share it. For good promotion your page must have 400+ likes. Remember, you can only use this feature after posting.

To get familiar among the people you must check out your ad. Whenever you post any ad, facebook always generates the name of the ad with the post ID number by default. So it’s better to change the name of your ad created for your ease, understanding and familiarity. Make sure to keep the ad name consistent with others to carry them in a bunch.

Promotion of any product is done on the users demand and production so always make sure about the targeted audience. Just like above option facebook do it as its way. Whenever you post any ad facebook always target it around the globe by default. So always make sure to target your ad according to you.

Facebook also carry feature through which your all recent ads posted automatically. It is really very good to promote your product worldwide. After the long search we found that most of the users like this option but they really don’t know that this option is not a money save. So while posting any ad never clicks on shabby written “Always promote my most recent post.” It is true that this ad saves time and effort both so most of the users try to use this option but don’t do it anymore.

To earn and to promote you must use facebook as it is quite easy and money maker. The long test research shows that you can earn a $0.35 per click. No too bad!

So always keep these points in the mind before optimizing any brand.

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