The Social God: 7 Signs of a Social Media Expert

If your company is on social media, but you don’t have the knowledge or resources to create an effective campaign on your own, you will probably hire a social media expert to help you with your endeavor and ultimately reach your goal.

When it comes to choosing the social media expert for your business, you need to take the time to ensure that you’re actually choosing someone with experience and not just a self-proclaimed expert. Use the following signs to help you determine if you’re really hiring a social media expert.


They have experience in a multitude of social networks.

You cannot choose an expert whose only social media experience involves Facebook. There are A LOT of social networks out there, and if you want to have the best impact, you need to utilize a few different ones. This means that your expert needs to be fluent in all things social media, not just one or two networks.

They create different content.

Social media allows you to share different forms of content. You can share just words, or you can share photos, videos and links. It’s important that you post a variety of tactics in order to generate the best information. If your expert has never uploaded a video to Facebook before, they’re not an expert.

They know the rules.

Every social network has their own set of rules and guidelines that must be followed. Your expert needs to be knowledgeable in these rules in order to ensure that they’re using your page within these terms and not breaking any rules. If a rule is broken, you could end up having your company’s page removed from the social network.

They vary automation and real-time postings.

Experts in social media know that you need to have a healthy mix of automated posts and live posts. This helps you keep your audience engaged and allows you to communicate effectively. If your expert’s idea of posting to social media is spending an hour scheduling status updates and tweets, they’re not an expert.

They have a handle on social media advertising.

Some social media sites allow users to purchase ad space. Your expert needs to know which sites allow you to do this and how to create and publish the ads so that they’ll be the most effective. Social media advertising is an extension of social media, and it’s important for your expert to know how to use these tools.

They are fluent in customer service.

Many customers today are turning to social media as a way to seek information from companies or let them know how they feel about a product or service. Since your expert will be responsible for your social media accounts, it’s important that they know how to provide superior customer service.

They can handle a crisis.

Though you never want your company to be involved in a social media mishap, it’s always possible. For this reason, you want to make sure that your expert has a plan in place to handle any crisis that may occur. This plan needs to be detailed and written out so that the rest of your employees can get on board.

Choosing the right social media expert is important, and you need to take the time to make the right decision. When your expert possesses all of these qualities, they’re a great person to hire for the job.

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