The Most Common Social Media Mistakes

If your business has a social media account, good for you! You are tapping into a wide range of customers in different parts of the world for only a minimum cost. But have you analyzed the way you are using these social networks? You might be making one of these mistakes.

social media mistakes

Not listening to your readers

Did you open a social media account because you just want a venue where people can read what you write? Do you just update your status without even caring what your readers will have to say? If so, you should have not opened a social media account. Being on Facebook or Twitter means that you want to be heard as much as you want to hear your clients. You must be willing to engage in a conversation with your readers. Do not shut out your readers otherwise they will do the same to you.

The right timing

Some businesses ask their customers for sales too soon. Some ask too late. Others wait too long while some are too impatient. Remember to develop a relationship with your readers first. Get to know them. Let them know you. Ask the right questions and build trust. People have to trust you in order to buy from you. Don’t be too pushy. Know when to back off and give your clients some space. The last thing that you need is for them to click on “Unlike” or “Unfriend”.

Trying to keep up with the latest

It’s good to always be in the know and to be aware of trends but if it’s taking you away from your focus then you should think twice before getting sucked into a new online trend. There are so many distractions on the web and it only takes one click to take you away from the task at hand. Be aware of the time you spend checking out new stuff. Limit yourself to an hour or two each day and do this after you finish all your social media responsibilities. If you can’t seem to have enough time then don’t try to be on in everything that happens online.

Not double checking messages

Always double check or even triple check everything before you press the ‘Publish’ button. Once it’s out there, you won’t be able to take it back. Sure you can delete it but there will always be someone who has already read your message. Your brand and image can be seriously harmed of erroneous messages.

Unrelated messages

Don’t post anything that’s unrelated to your business just to get attention. Don’t be funny if you’re a serious company and don’t suddenly be too stiff if you’re a casual company. Don’t post just for the sake of posting. If you don’t have anything good to say, then just shut it.

Not thinking it through

What’s your last status update? Is it relevant and practical? Is it useful to your clients? Sometimes, businesses just put the prices of their products or services in their status updates. Sometimes they just put buy this and buy that without even explaining what that product can do or how it can benefit the client.

Always think things through before posting or publishing them. Ask yourself if you would be interested in what you want to post. Think about ways to make your readers be involved with your brand. Make them feel important and they will eventually reward you with their loyalty and word of mouth marketing.

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