The Facebook Page: ‘Like’ to Avoid the Common Mistakes Companies Make?

The Facebook Page: “Like” to Avoid the Common Mistakes Companies Make?

More and more companies are realizing Facebook is an invaluable marketing tool. With over 900 million active users, Facebook is the most popular social media site in the United States and the world.

The sheer number of customers that businesses can reach through Facebook makes the site perfect for advertising anything from custom-made jewelry to substance abuse treatment facilities. Unfortunately, many companies that are new to the site set up their pages in ways that are less than user-friendly.


Here are five common mistakes to avoid when creating a Facebook business page.

1) Thinking Page Views are More Important than Likes

Unlike standard websites, page views are not the most important indicator of success on your Facebook page. Rather than focusing on the number of visits to your Facebook page, you should be more concerned about page “likes”.

After users “like” your page, all of your updates show up on their newsfeed, keeping your business at the forefront of their minds. A “like” also means a link to your page goes on users’ own Facebook pages and is visible to all their friends. This means that “likes” are free marketing tools.

Whether you’re a software company, furniture store or represent drug and alcohol rehab centers, the more page “likes” you have, the more people will be aware of your business.

2) Hidden Contact Information

Contact information should be one of the first things users see when visiting your Facebook page. If it’s difficult for users to figure out how to reach you, they may become frustrated and leave the page.

Remember the goal of the Facebook page is to entice users to visit your website or contact you. Your web address, email and phone number are most important pieces of information your page has to offer.

3) Ineffective Timeline Use

The Timeline (previously known as the Wall) is where you post memos, photos and other interesting tidbits that users can browse when they visit your page.

Too often though, companies post their most important information on their Timelines without also adding it somewhere else. The downside of the Timeline is that when you add new posts, the older ones go to the bottom of the page.

Considering that Timeline shows all recent user activity as well as the links you post, the feature can be difficult to navigate. Make sure you put key information elsewhere on your page so your visitors can find it easily.

4) Not Enough Information

The info section is one of the most crucial parts of your page to get right because it lets you tell users what your company does and why they should choose you.

Facebook is all about building relationships, and the info section should help users start their relationship with you. A brief history of the business can also add a personal touch and help customers choose you over competitors.

5) No Keywords

Facebook’s info section also has a product information section, where you can list keywords that show the type of business you do. Often, companies ignore the product section, thinking the information is obvious. This is a mistake though.

Why not market your products to the best of your ability? Allowing users to get a gist of your business through keywords makes your page more user-friendly.

Facebook also allows you to list awards your business has won. If you’ve already distinguished yourself in the field, make sure to let viewers know!  Awards are a sure way to attract more customers.

Guest Author Byline:  Now that you’ve learned how to better use Facebook, log on now to better market anything from a designer clothing store to a substance abuse treatment facility! This post is brought to you by guest blogger CJ.

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