Taking Your Local Business Twitter Account to the Next Level with GroupTweet

In order for Twitter to be a significant advertising platform for your local business, you’ll likely need at least a couple individuals tweeting for your organization. However, having more than one person tweeting from your local business account is not without its challenges. Limiting access to and keeping your account secure can be difficult. Further, there is a need to coordinate the timing and content of messages. Although having several authors for your content may be essential, the process is cumbersome unless you use a program such as GroupTweet.


GroupTweet addresses many of the short falls of having multiple contributors to a single business account as indicated above. Specifically, GroupTweet:

  • allows you as a local business owner to moderate what is posted to your account. This process can help ensure you’re sharing a clear and consistent message about your business. Additionally, moderating your account helps ensure the timing of sharing content is spaced throughout the day or at least shared at times which are likely to garner the attention of your followers.  Further, it can be beneficial to ensure hashtags you’ve identified for use with your business are used regularly and in a manner that displays a consistent business message.
  • provides the ability to retain the personality provided by multiple tweeters. Often your local business followers may develop a strong connection with one or more of your contributors. It can often be wise to encourage this strong connection between followers and your business.  GroupTweet makes it easy for your contributors to retain their connection with followers by inserting their names as the beginning or end of tweets. The decision to include the names of contributors, however, is entirely up to you. GroupTweet allows a local business owner to determine what “broadcast template” is most appropriate for his/her needs. Therefore, if you believe it’s best for all your tweets to look the same, GroupTweet can meet that desire too.
  • removes the security challenges of access to a local business account. GroupTweet allows your local business contributors to tweet to your account from their personal accounts. There is no more need to share the password to your Twitter account or train users on a particular program. All you need to decide is how you would like your contributors to tweet from your group account. There are three options: direct message, inclusion of a specific hashtag, or the use of an @ mention. Ultimately, GroupTweet is particularly useful for remote employees and temporary account contributors.

Are you interested in learning more? Look at GroupTweet’s website or read this local business article on GroupTweet.

Chris Marentis is the CEO of local internet marketing company, Surefire Social.

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