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In the process of standard system changes of search engines, there are some essential phases are as follows:

Phase I: Experiments as well as discussion of creators and experts with vested interest dabble about what they are findings, leads this phase.

Phase II: The system alterations start with expose to the market and then this experiment turns into productization, permitting for the involvement of technical people less.

Phase III: We see the second version of items and it’s presently that there are some beginning professional initiatives, which will deliver as the forerunner to a new industry.

semantic seo

In the case of Semantic SEO, at the moment the market exists in the middle of the last two phases i.e. second and third, in accordance with Search Engine Watch.

Info Resources:


A blog that involves the interest for media experts engaged in the semantic web. Keeping an eye on early commercial campaigns in addition to furnishing constant coverage, the blog also keeps you in touch of Schema.org.


In order to manage a centralized library for schemas, it is combination of the efforts from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Schema.org also deals with a wide range of educational resources with intention to demonstrate the way to implement them.


The site is mainly focused for programmers and adopts educational means to give better knowledge of how to implement semantic markup together with a number of added tools in order to test markup applications.


The site is managed by the group of developers functioning in the semantic web place and holds catalog of tools. The tools are developed by a group mixed with academic and commercial entities. Undoubtedly, they are targeted the semantic web rather than semantic search.

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