Smart Optimization of Images in Blogs

Bloggers generally add images to their blogs with the intention to attract the readers and engage them at the website with the help of beautiful pictures. Right?? Yes, I recently analyze that many bloggers has done this and even they add a different portion to display images purpose with solid content. But did you know that search engines don’t recognize the images as textual content. Textual content is easy to optimize and brought ranking for these pages as compared to the images. In order to get images optimize you have to consider some techniques that helps to enhance their visibility over the web.

image optimization

Obviously, optimization of images will bring benefits to you and it may be in form of getting traffic from the organic road, from Google, Yahoo, Google Images and other sources. Some most effective tactics for optimizing images are listed below that facilitates to catch the attention of visitors to the site:

Alt Tags:

Search engines did not understand the images with the views but they look for the most important tag for images i.e. Alt Tag. Alt Tag contains the statement which states the search engines what the images is all about.

Alt Tag requires some attention while applying them as the Alt Tag should describes the images accurately, Alt tags should include the Keywords, Alt tags should not contains paragraphs i.e. it must be short.

Meaningful File name:

If you get noticed while searching for any image with keyword in the search engine then results holds the name of file in the results. From that example we conclude that name of image file should be meaningful rather than file.jpg or pic.jpg and can say that it is far better to contain keywords in image file name. Along with Alt Tag, Keywords in file name of images has a significant factor that will help the search engines to find out image and brings into search results.

Captions and Description:

Captions are short notes about the images it may includes 2-3 words and shown in the bottom of the images. Other is description, it is well known that it is easy to optimize the textual content so you can make an attempt to include some statements that fully described the images.

Image Sitemap:

Sitemap helps the website to enhance the understanding of search engines about the website. Image sitemap also does the same work for the images and a number of tools are provided online to generate an image sitemap. In further process, you have to put sitemap to the Google and other Webmaster Tools.

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