Shipping Solutions in India for Your Ecommerce Store

An ecommerce store should focus on client satisfaction to gain popularity in people and in building trust and reputation. Some people are inclined on online shopping including some of my friends and colleagues. However, some of them are satisfied and many of them are not. The reason behind the dissatisfaction is the failure of the product delivery in time.

It’s very difficult to clear confusion or dissatisfaction of an online customer because your online store is virtual and not physical. There is no dedicated salesman or manager who takes care of these issues. You may have a support team, but it’s virtual as well. Basically, client satisfaction of an ecommerce store depends on quality and pricing of products, user-friendly quality of the online store, safe and secure payment options and delivery of products in time. In one word, it is the service quality that makes all the difference.


Setting up an ecommerce website in India has become really easy these days. There are companies providing ecommerce solutions along with shopping cart software with hundreds of features inside. There are organizations in India offering payment gateways for ecommerce platforms to protect financial data of the online store customers, making online shopping safe and secure. Still the logistic support for ecommerce is a big question here. Here is a list of shipping companies, which provide services for ecommerce stores in India.

BLUE DART: BLUE DART is most trusted and leader in logistic service provider in India. BLUE DART has developed several API’s that support your online business. These tools enable you track real time waybill details and status, details of delivered, undelivered and redirected shipments.

Aramex: Aramex ecommerce shipping solutions are widely used by Indian ecommerce store owners. With latest technology, aramex shipping solution delivers products at the doorstep of your online customers. Aramex offers both local and global shipping services for ecommerce web stores.

Chhotu: Chhotu logistics solution ensures on time delivery of products for ecommerce shopping sites. Chhotu is very popular among ecommerce store owners in India as the company provides uninterrupted services between online sellers and online buyers.

DHL: DHL provides world’s best shipping and logistics solutions. DHL offers system setup, integration, modification, customization and support for ecommerce solutions. The brand is highly used by corporate giants.

FedEx: FedEx is the name we can rely on with eyes closed. FedEx provides two different solutions for ecommerce. “FedEx Web Services” is an API developed platform to integrate other software applications with FedEx. FedEx has another logistic solution called “Customized Solution” for companies looking for customized logistic solutions.

DTDC: DTDC is one of the favorite shipping service providers in India. DTDC is compatible with any ecommerce solution. DTDC provides full service for e-shopping. Integrate DTDC with your e-store and get the preference of delivery of your products in time. DTDC ecommerce shipping solution includes tracking of packages, customized report of shipments, sending of multiple packages with the same waybill, bar code system generated waybill for your site and many more.

GATI: GATI logistic solution is preferred by Indian ecommerce merchants. GATI has 17 e-hub centers nationwide providing “24×7” service throughout the year. GATI covers 653 districts in India and products are delivered in time even in the remote places. GATI supply chain solution also offers “Cash on Delivery” facility for online customers.

There are other shipping and logistics companies in India providing services for ecommerce stores. Above companies are most reliable and highly recommended brands for product delivery on time. Your online store can deliver satisfaction to your online customers by selecting an excellent shipping solution.

Nilmoni Basak is the CEO of iQeCommerce. He loves to write about ecommerce shopping and software related issues and likes to share his experiences with other web enthusiasts.

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