SEOmoz buys Followerwonk, Twitter Analytics Company

FollowerWonk, a Twitter analytics company, now Twitter lost it and the company is bought by popularly known Search Engine Optimization Company SEOMoz. Recently SEOMoz declared that after long and hard efforts it has obtained Twitter’s FollowerWonk in early June but didn’t expose the financial terms of the acquisition. After working hard, making a fresh integration and resulted that from now FollowerWonk is entirely included and accessible to SEOMoz Pro members.

seomoz buys followerwonk

FollowerWonk permits customers to locate, evaluate, review, keep track of and organize followers. From the SEOMoz’s statement, it was also indicated that this extension may be starting for the acquisitions in future and target other networks like Pinterest or Google+ in the coming time. Also announced to members of SEOMoz PRO now authorized to access full featured version of FollowerWonk at no cost.

FollowerWonk software make it possible for marketers to search Twitter users depends on bio, organize by follower count number, and look for social statistics to evaluate connections among users in a specified format.

Accordance to SEOMoz Blog: “Normally, I like to be wholly transparent about everything we do here at SEOmoz, and that would include acquisitions. However, in this case, I can’t reveal all the details around the transaction”. SEOmoz got $18 million funding from The Foundry Group and Ignition Partners and after that they reached to Peter Bray, Followerwonk CEO, to talk about the desired acquisition. Currently it has been working with more than 15,000 subscribers.

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