How To Force Bounce Rate to Go Down!

Do you want that your website will get huge amount of visitors? Yes, bounce rate is connected to the numbers of visitors. Bounce rate means that if a visitor jumps over from your site. When this bounce happens? The bounce rate increases when a visitor doesn’t like your website to stay more. They find no valid reason to stay on your site which leads in increasing bounce rate.

What should you do to reduce the bounce rate and to increase the visitor on your website? Not an issue, there are various ways through which you can reduce the bounce rate of your website. Have look below:

Browser Compatibility

For a website browser performance matters a lot. There are different browsers like, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. While developing website a developer should check the performance and compatibility of your website in different browsers. Good browser performance helps in reducing bounce rate of a website.

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Light weight

Nowadays time is very crucial and no one wants to stand in a queue to wait for their number. He just turns on to the next shop. Just like this if your site takes much loading then the visitor instantly make an exit and try and find a faster loading site elsewhere. So improve loading time of your website. To improve loading time you should take care of your site like make your website design simple. Make sure it would not be too heavy. Avoid using more images and flash. This will improve your site’s loading time.

Readable website

No one wants to stay on a website which is not readable. So to reduce bounce rate make your site readable and scan able in a look which can happen through colour combination. Use contrast scheme colour combination. This can make your site more accessible to visitors. Contrast can be a powerful tool for directing the reader’s attention to where you want it to go.

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Accessible Navigation

Easy navigation is very important for a site to get huge amount of visitors. Visitors only visit your site if your site is clear and easily accessible. Avoid drop down menus or provide alternatives. Drop down menus are not accessible on touch devices. To get large amount of traffic make your site clean and easily accessible.

Relevant Content

Content is key of every website. Attractive content can quickly reduce the bounce rate of the website. Your content should grab the attention of audiences and proceed to keep them interested in reading your website frequently. So make your content very impressive.

Mobile Compatibility

Nowadays mostly people get in touch with internet from their smartphones rather than work from home to save their time. So always make your site compatible to mobile. From mobile compatibility the bounce rate effects positively.

Reduce Pop-ups

Pop- ups can probably increase the bounce rate of a website. It is true that pop-ups can increase conversions, getting more people signed up for your mailing list or your products and services but sometimes it is annoying for visitors. Imagine if you are searching something on a website and suddenly a pop-up displays. How you’ll feel? So avoid pop-ups to reduce bounce rate or change the timing of pop-up.

These are few ways through which you can reduce the bounce rate of your website. These are really simple ways. Read these.

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