Recovery Tips From Google’s zoo Visit!

Devastated website? Already planning for changing SEO strategies? Don’t want to become lunch or dinner for Google updates Panda and Penguin? You are in the right place then. But to tackle the Panda and the Penguin you first need to know the difference between them. Most people think of them as the same and try solving it blindly, but what they don’t understand is that, this is Google we are messing with which always tweaks new algorithm to fight back.

 Panda targets the sites which are ill maintained, poor navigation and user experience, sites with too much advertising, sites that might be over optimized. Whereas Penguin works mostly on spam, a bit newer than Panda, focuses on poor links by looking at the anchor texts and its source.

google panda and penguin

The first step towards recovery is to figure out which animal you are dealing with. Check the date, set up Google Organic report in your Google analytics, if your traffic drops go to a SEO blog and see which update hit it was, and right there you have your beast. Now time to call the animal control!

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Check your Keywords regularly. In case you are not keeping an eye on keyword rankings, use SEMrush to see if your rankings are decreasing.

Check your site structure and realign your pages properly. It is important to have the right authority distribution under the right category.

Do you know what types of sites are linked to you? Link Detective is an awesome link web browser tool to find out your links and what type they are. Once you find that out, fix your broken links and the 404 errors. Put the links in their appropriate positions.

Combat the duplicate contents and be original. If your site has some duplicate contents remove them, do not focus only on body content but also the urls if they have some duplicate similar URL versions.

Avoid keyword stuffing. You must have read in many SEO blogs how to add keywords in your body contents, Meta tags, hyperlinks and URLs in a natural way. Try to use in variation in keywords other than putting the same in a web page.

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Earn hard links. You probably go after a link that takes you up in the SEO ranking, but try to get links which can get you a better traffic. Do not write for the SEO only, write for your readers and write for your web page. Choose those links that are both important for you and the readers who are commenting. This way you are going to get a thumbs up in traffic and link errors in case of update will be removed too.

Be social and think social. Google loves branding. So, one way to defeat Panda and Penguin is to socialize your website. Create pages of your website in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and lot more. Social media plays a big factor in sliding the rankings up and they increase your popularity as well.

This will be enough to heal the injuries. There will always be debates on whether Google is justifying by its quick Algo updates but till then, don’t be afraid to visit the zoo. You might find an actual cute Panda!

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