Best Ways To Promote Your Blog Offline

Do you want to make your brand popular in your city? You can find numbers of articles telling about online promotion of your business blog but no single offline way. This article gives you few interesting ways to promote your business blog offline.

Below are few ways given with the help of which you can popularize your brand in your city, You don’t need to spend heavy amount of cash or 5,6 hours of your precious time daily for this promotion, it can be done with small budget. Have a look below and take a glance:

Business Cards

Business cards are most common way of promoting your brand or business blog. To promote your business blog hire a graphic designer to design a classy business card. On that card put all your business details along with your business logo and website URL. Distribute those cards to your friends, relatives, customers, and neighbors. It doesn’t require heavy amount of investment.


Create promotional desktop wallpapers

This is a very easy and free of investment way of promotion. If you have little knowledge of Photoshop software then you can make classy wallpaper promoting your business blog and brand. While designing wallpaper make sure that it carries your blog logo, name and URL of website in bottom. Design 10 – 20+ different type of wallpapers for different desktop sizes. Give those wallpapers to your friends and relatives. If your wallpapers are attractive, definitely more people will use it. Upload them to Pinterest also for more expose. It seems accost effective way of offline promotion.

Print Custom T-shirts and other stuffs with your website logo

Brand name T-shirts are quite popular among youths. This is a cheapest way to promote your brand. Custom T-shirts helps you in getting long term promotion. Just buy custom T-shirt online and print your brand name and logo along with blog URL in front of T-shirt.

Apart from T-shirt you can also use mugs, mouse pads, bags, gifts, covers and so many others to promote your blog offline.


Contact your Local Cyber cafes

Your local cyber cafes can help you in promoting your brand offline. Just contact your local cyber cafes and ask them to put your company wallpaper on their desktop and make your blog as their homepage.


Arrange a seminar (small scale or large scale) relevant to your blog’s niche in your local colleges or conference halls. Over there explain your business, also distribute customer T-shirts, mugs, business cards and other stuff promoting your brand.

Print Media

To reach people offline newspaper is the best way. To promote your business blog, contact to the famous newspaper of your local area and put your business advertisement. It will reach people in short span of time.


Just like T-Shirts buy custom sticker with your business details and post them in super markets, hotels, restaurants, bus stands, railway stations and rush areas. Make available them for public also.

Vehicle Promotion

Do vehicle promotion. Wrap your car with your business stickers, your brand logo and business URL. This is most effective way of offline promotion.

These are few cost effective way of offline promotion of your blog. Analyse these carefully.

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