[PPC TIPS] How to use Flexible Bid Strategies in AdWords

Google Adwords services offer the Flexible Bid Strategies for the advertisers for more effective use of the advertisement over the search platform. The Flexible Bid strategies help in automatically setting the bids across specific ad groups, campaigns and keywords for optimizing the advertiser’s performance as well as in achieving desirable results.


The Flexible Bid Strategies are basically the rules or parameter set by the advertiser for enhancing the ad’s performance. It gives more control upon the bidding process and allows the advertisers to change the strategy at any given point of time. These Flexible Bid Strategies helps advertiser in understanding the nature and work of their bidding clearly without wasting their time.


Tips to use Flexible Bid Strategies In AdWords

For using any of the Flexible Bid Strategies it is necessary for the advertiser to set a goal for his ad. Each and every Bid strategy is different from each other and it solely depends upon the choice of the advertiser-‘how he wishes to utilize it’. Each Bid strategy is set to achieve a particular set of goals. Here are some valuable tips for making out the best of these Flexible Bid Strategies such as:

  1. An advertiser wishing to drive web traffic to his website, he should better be concentrating on the clicks. The bid strategy of ‘Maximize Clicks’ would be right for him as it will provide him cost-per-click (CPC) bidding.
  2. In order to create brand awareness over the internet, concentrating on the impressions should be followed by the advertiser. He should be using the cost per thousand impression (CPM) bidding strategy.
  3. When an advertiser wishes to allow his customer to take a direct action on the website, he should be using Cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding for generating revenue.

Google Adwords Flexible Bid Strategies helps in minimizing the time and effort used by the advertiser in monitoring the progress and performing his strategy and advertisement campaigns.

Flexible Bid Strategies In AdWords

The Flexible Bid Strategies for optimizing the bids are of these kinds:

  1. Maximize Clicks- This strategy automatically sets bids for generating most clicks within a particular amount range set by the advertiser. It could be applied to any ad groups, campaigns and keywords.
  2. Target search page location- This strategy automatically adjusts bids in order to positing your ads in a better way. It increases the visibility of the ad and could be applied for any ad groups, campaigns or keywords.
  3. Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA)- It automatically sets bids in order to get as many conversions as possible within the advertiser set goal. It is applicable to any ad campaign or ad group.
  4. Enhanced cost-per-click (ECPC)- This strategy automatically adjusts the manual bid of the advertiser up or down based on the likelihood of any conversion, It is also applicable for any ad groups or campaigns.
  5. Target return-on-ad-spend (ROAS)- This strategy sets the bids in order to maximize the conversion value at the same time providing average return on ad spend.

Google Adwords have a dynamic ever-changing marketing scenario where any specific strategy does not work for a longer period. It is necessary to use this Flexible Bid Strategies in order to maximize the revenue and opportunities within a particular time frame.

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