Pinterest Can Be Fruitful For E-Commerce Website

As we all know that Social Media websites are in great demand these days. I would say this is because of two things; one is increase of engagement of users in social sites and second is SEO not working for many of sites because of Google Panda and Penguin. Over social media sites you can find millions of users connecting with each other. Today users love to sit in front of their PC and engaging them on internet more than playing outdoor games. Social networking websites are like their second home. Websites like Facebook, Orkut, and Twitter are quite popular. Nowadays Pinterest also serve its hands towards users. It is a powerful tool for promotion your business product and services towards large amount of audience.

Pinterest is quite different with other social networking websites in few contexts as it is image-based instead of text-based. You can also use images on Facebook and Twitter but they usually accompany text, but with Pinterest the focus is on the images and the accompanying text is secondary. Pinners click on an image to reveal the source and text. It has been seen that Pinterest drive more referral traffic as compared to Google +, LinkedIn and YouTube.

pinterest for ecommerce

On Pinterest you can do promote every business and website. Apart from it Pinterest is much better choice for e-commerce websites like fashion products, gadgets, furniture and many others. Do you know how? How you can use Pinterest to enhance your conversion? There are few ways which helps you out. Have a glance below:

Professional Pinterest account

Pinterest is free to sign in. You can create an account on Pinterest by using URL of your ecommerce site as username. It will help your account to appear professional. You can also customize your profile and arrange your pinboards. Also make your account keyword-rich for search engine purposes. Use unique and catchy board covers to make your account stand out from others in your niche.

Use Pinterest widget to your product pages

Pinterest widget work numerously. It allows users to easily share your products. You can describe your products on your website. If any of your items is re-pinned then it will have a link that directs to your product page as well as your Pinterest profile.

SEO optimized product description

On Pinterest create SEO optimizes product description. It is really easy to do keyword search on Pinterest. Over there you can view large product image and texts will help users more.  It can also promote your ecommerce business website and brand.

Make an Offer:

If you give something special to your followers on Pinterest then for sure they would love to share your pins and create good engagement. Ex. You can offer some special discounts for your followers on Pinterest to make your pinners feel special for you.

Be Social

Social media is really important to promote your ecommerce business website. Pinterest is not just about re-pin images. This is a social networking website which needs multi task like follow other people, re-pin, like, or comment on their images. To promote your ecommerce business website you have to follow images that are relevant to your business or brand.

Create several boards

Pinterest help to promote your ecommerce website if you create several different boards to showcase different aspects of your store. If your ecommerce website has different categories product then you should create a board specifically for each category on Pinterest. This will specify your product individually so that viewers can interestingly view your Pinterest board.

Pin high quality images

To grab visitors on your ecommerce business website it is important to pin high quality images. If your Pinterest board have high quality images then you will have chance that any of your board’s visitors will re-pin that image to their board. In order to stand out you should pin unique catchy images.

“Pin it” Button

Make your product images easy to pin. Make sure that each and every product should have pin it button so that visitors can easily pin your product on their Pinterest board. It make extremely easy for visitors to share your product images with their Pinterest followers. This also helps you to get back links along with Pinterest followers.

These are few things which are used by Pinterest to increase followers on your ecommerce product website.

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