Now Add Multiple Users To AdSense Account

#1 Online earning platform Google AdSense announced that users can now create multiple users for their AdSense account. if you are managing your Google AdSense account with your partner together so now it’s easy to handle account together.

multiple adsense user access

There will be two level of account access Standard and Administrator and there is no difference between access except that the admin can only add more users. Now your partner can manage AdSense account and also run reports, manage payment information, and generate ad code. In addition, this new user management feature can also be used to change the Google Account login linked to an AdSense account.

How to Add Users to AdSense Account

  • Sign in to Your AdSense Account
  • Click on Account setting and scroll down
  • On Access and authorization under “Users with sign-in access” enter e-mail address and click on invite

Limitations with Multiple User AdSense Account

  • You can’t add a user with existing Adsense account
  • You can’t add a user whose Adsense application is rejected earlier
  • If you invite a Google apps user, Adsense must be enabled from dashboard

If you want to learn more about inviting users and find answers to the most frequently asked questions from existing or invited users in our Help Center.

Hope this new feature of AdSense will help many of AdSense Users, if you need any assistance comment here and we will help you….

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