Top 8 Tips To Improve Mobile Website Visibility

Do you have a mobile website? And if you have, do you want to make it more visible to the audience?

Follow the following tips to improve Mobile Website Visibility-


1.     Submit your mobile website to Search Engines’ Databases:

Make sure to submit your website to the Search engines’ databases. This is the most important part after designing the website. If you don’t do it, search engines will never reach you and neither will the customers. People should know that you EXIST!




 2.     Don’t forget to interlink your actual site and mobile site:

People might only know your regular URL not mobile URL. So, people may visit your regular site instead of the mobile website from a mobile. In some of the websites, if the URL is entered from a mobile device, then it is automatically redirected to the mobile website. But if your site does not fall under that category, make sure that every page of your regular site has the mobile site’s link (clearly visible) and vice versa. This way if people are visiting your mobile site from mobile and they need to look for something else (more information perhaps), then they can easily switch to the regular site. This also helps search engines make your both sites visible.


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 3.     Social media- don’t forget it EVER :

People use social media most of the time with the help of their mobile (because it’s comparatively easier). So, always make sure that you share link your links on Facebook and Twitter, post informative videos on YouTube and send links to their e-mail. People use it all the time and it is more likely that your mobile website will be then visited by a lot of people. In a sense, it becomes more visible to the audience.


 4.     Research Search Keywords:

Whenever people search something on search engines with a mobile, they generally look for smaller keywords (typing from mobile can be irritating). Therefore, make the title of your posts based on these keywords (you will have to do research on that) . If your keywords match, your website will likely be more visible.


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 5.     Be-friend search engine crawlers:

If search engines will crawl your website more often, it will be more visible in search engines. Make sure you do the following :

  • Update content frequently but always stabilize the quality.
  • Have back links from relevant sites.
  • Never ever copy articles. Whatever you write should be your own original content and should not exist anywhere on the web.


 6.     Don’t use burdensome content:  In a mobile website, always make sure the content is simple and to the point. Don’t try to make long paragraphs just to make a single statement. Also, don’t try to post videos and high quality images. This increases the size of the page and takes time to load which can be annoying for the visitors. Also, light-content pages are more likely to get ranked on the top searches in search engines.


 7.     Placement of your phone number:

Whenever a person visits your mobile website and likes your services and wants contact you, but can’t see a phone number and forgets later, then that’s going to be really bad for you. Make sure people can call you immediately if they want to. So, post your phone number in every page and try to post where people can see it easily.


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 8.     Design:

A design of a mobile website plays a prominent role in its visibility. Make sure the website is not confusing and overwhelming. Just post what is very important ( Don’t forget if people need more information, they can visit your normal website.). Try to make it simple yet very informative. That way, it will be visible in search engines, too.



Conclusion: It is generally not a good thing to have two separate websites for two different devices. So, to avoid that, you can use responsive themes for your website. That way, you will not need to have separate websites for each kind of device; it will suffice with a single website. Somehow, if you have problems with that, you can always try these tips to make your mobile website as popular as the regular one. 

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