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The story of few years ago regarding the Blogs is very different from the current scenario where the bloggers discuss some kind of innovations, technology and pioneers founds a way to communicate with Internet Surfers and other interested readers.But the increased number of blogs i.e. from 30 million to 200 million in about 7 years has changed the definition of blogs here. And sometimes this is the reason that makes a blogger more difficult to survive over the web.

blogging tips

Some of the basic motives of blogging that enhance interest of bloggers are:

  • Increase Knowledge
  • To be a better Researcher
  • Connects You with Professionals
  • People will hear you
  • Improved Network
  • Improved writing skills
  • To make money online

No doubt blogging improve your overall personality and become a reason of getting online fame. But how much blogger continues with this fame and how long. This question sometimes creates a big matter to initialize the efforts in the same field. In this context first we have to consider the basic factor creates an appeal on the internet to the visitors i.e. the content used on blog or can say topics and the way you market that blog.

Now coming to main point and focus to life of the blog and think how can you develop interest for potential readers on your blog. The main factors that may lead your blog to be different from others are as follows:

Use of Images and Media:

Images and other media tools are attraction point ofthe blogs but it should have some restriction for attracting the visitors and make them engage on the articles. Photos, images, videos, podcasts, audio extracts are the media tools that can be use. Actually if your are aware of that point, then consider the others factors related to same such as dimensions, position to place the image and relevancy. The image must have the potential and capability to tell the story of the whole article. It’s my personal experience that these media things are very beneficial to hold the interest of the potential readers.

Be first to deal with New topics:

It is fact that the visitors chase the fresh news in the market and with the intention to get the latest one. If you are the first one who explode the news about the particular issue the search engine loves your article and publish onsocial networking sites that may generates results that are not expected by you.

Express Opinions:

People hear experts and follow them. I think that the statement has proved by our idols. The same thing you have to put in your article and express the suggestions with your own experiences along with some of the examples. Most reputed bloggers adopts the same approach they express their valuable opinions about the particular situation either they face or research.

Split the story into parts:

Cut off the long stories and divide them into part offers many benefits to the bloggers such as continues the readers interest, visitors can subscribe with the intention to catch the next part and many more.

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