Link Profile Diversity – Only Way to Survive with Google

In the very previous post we have described the problems that are faced by the webmasters in the very first shock by Google in their SERPs results. In the discussion I suggested about Link Diversity which I seems to be the only result that would help the webmasters to recover their sites from the update which is still to give the name.

We all know link building is considered to be a very essential weapon in website ranking. In order to do the same we always rush towards the popular activities such as social bookmarking, blog commenting and other related and this is all because it is very easy to perform these tasks. But for the current scenario it is all wasted if they are not going in the planned and right direction. In short, Link profile with Diversity is all does matter so we have to take deep information of the factors and importance of Link Diversity to make our SEO results to be the best one among the industry.

link diversity

It is a fact about Google that he loves natural links which are from plenty of different root domains with various different keywords linked to your website on various pages. It is also seen that it is far better to create 100 links from 100 domains with the most relevant different keywords rather than to create 100 links from the same domain.

Now the question is what adds to your link profile Diversity??

Some of the factor that has to be taken into consideration here which are given below:

Number of Linking Domains:

As discussed above, 100 links from 100 domains are much better and more supportive in the improvement of website ranking on SERPs. It is common mistakes that we do till yet to emphasize the quantity of the links but it should not. Linking from different domains will help you with the increase the performance of website on SERPs of Google.

Types of Linking Domain:

Another confusion that may leads you to hurt on Google SERPs. Don’t let yourself with the thought of relation of relevancy and topic here with the term types of domains but we are just talking about types of sites that you are using in Link building such as website directories, article directories, blogging websites, blogs, government or educational sites, ecommerce sites, wiki sites, social networks, and much more. In sort we should think of creating links from various types of websites which further makes our website rich of link diversity.

Anchor text:

The most talkative reason behind the fluctuation on the date is Anchor Text which can able to add link diversity factor at a great extent. Generally we think of  keywords at the time of implementation of Anchor Text to link our site. But it creates a big problem to ranking results as they are not seems to be a natural link to the Google. Here you can use the concept of Partial Anchor text to link the site rather than the exact keyword.

Topics of linking domains:

It is a well-known factor till yet. The domains with which we link our sites should be relevant to the theme of our website. Suppose we have a website for sale of shoes online than it is much better to make link to sites which are involved in the domain of shoes related work rather than a movie site.

From the latest fluctuation in the rankings, I conclude the results that websites are affected by the weak Link Diversity Profile. So I suggest keeping the concept of Link Diversity in your mind and measure the linking website with the factor given above to make a right choice. It is an old concept but still it is young in the eyes of Google so be in love with these factors to make Google loves your website.

You can also share your views and experience about the latest fluctuation in Google SERPs. Discuss with all of us with the help of comment box below.

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