IS Your SEO Really Working?

We spend thousands of dollars to avail SEO services. Why? SEO is really very important to grab huge amount of customers. It helps you to market your product and services. If you have knowledge of SEO then you can do it yourself and save your money. You can optimise your product website through many ways.

Will your SEO work? Are you wasting your money? These are various questions arose in your mind while availing SEO service. So how do you know is your SEO working or not? We analysed this issue and found few factors. Have a look below:

Amount of Traffic

Web traffic is normally increased from search engines. It has been seen that people usually search their query on Google. Google is biggest search engine among all. How would you know that the traffic on your website is increasing? If you found your daily views are increasing in your Analytics dashboard then you can be calm. Increasing daily viewers indicates that your SEO is working.

seo working hard

Page Rank

Web traffic and page ranking is correlated with each other. The more traffic is increases, the more will be your page ranking. So if your page ranking is increased means your SEO is working.

Rank Trackers

Rank Tracker is a great tool. It is designed to know is your SEO is working effectively or not. Rank Tracker is the easiest way to check your ranking over search engines.  How these tools work? It is quite simple, these tools work by checking your website and its keywords rankings in search engines. With the help of Rank Tracker you can also track any particular keyword which you want. From Rank Tracker you can track up to 50 keywords at one time.


Page Indexed

Your page rank depends on your page indexed. If your page are indexed properly shows that your SEO is working well.

These are few ways through which you can check whether your SEO is giving you good result or not. Among these Rank Tracker is nice one. It can also be used by SEO companies to manage their clients’ website. On internet you can find numbers of tool free of cost but Rank Tracker is not one of them. You have to pay for this so choose the best one because it is not sure that every Rank Tracker is accurate.

All the best and have good SEO result.

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