Google Announced “Hreflang” Annotation

Isn’t it great when you land on some international websites and get to see content in your own language? Or even better, if you see the content specifically created for the people of your location?
Yes, we know, that’s really a great experience.

Do you want to do the same for your visitors of international countries? Then google’s hreflang annotation is the one you should try out, which, by the way, is supported both by Google and Yandex.





What is this Hreflang ?

Whenever a client from different country lands on the homepage, it automatically redirects the clients to a different page, which is specifically made for the people of that specific place. Let us see how this works.


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Let us say, there is a website in India – For the English speakers of US– For the English Speakers of Australia    –         This is default homepage for the users of the whole other countries. It shows the users to select a country – For the people of Sri Lanka. Suppose the website is also very useful for the people of Sri Lanka ( and they are frequent visitors) besides Indian people, then you will not want the people of Sri Lanka to select their country instead of directly redirecting them to the specific home page.
So, to handle these pages accordingly, following should be inserted into your HTML code precisely!

As you can see, at the end of each URL, the location is mentioned. For eg: it is sl for Sri Lanka, us for USA, au for Australia and so on. These URLs are for those specific countries. Whenever it recognizes the location of the visitor, the specific URL is passed over and the visitor is automatically redirected.


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What if you don’t want to redirect the homepage (or any other page) and want to keep the content same language for all the people throughout the world?

Well, that isn’t a problem either. The x-default attribute is what comes in handy this time. If a page is tagged with hreflang=default, the Google commands the same page for international to be displayed. Be it USA, Australia or Sri Lanka, the page is going to be same for all of them.


Why hreflang annotation is amazing?

Whenever a visitor lands on your website, the visitor loves it when he/she gets to read the content in his/her local language (except for few people who strictly prefer English, even if that is not their first language, which is again not a problem, because they can easily choose the language from language options.) This can make your one a visitor a regular one.

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