How to Write Product Reviews for Your Blog

Your opinion matters. If you have a blog, it probably matters to more people than just you, too. Product reviews make for great blog posts – they’re useful and can even make you money when done right. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing them for your blog.

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Be Upfront about Affiliates

The most important thing to remember when writing product reviews for your blog is to disclose any affiliations you have to the company or the product. This includes lettings people know if the links you post are affiliate links that can potentially earn you money from clicks or purchases made by your readers. If you want to maintain your integrity and hold onto your readers’ trust, you must never hide an affiliation from them, or risk being burned at the stake.

Take Pictures

Visuals, of course, are always great for your blog posts. When you’re reviewing a product, take your own pictures of it rather than using stock photos from the company’s website. If you can, also take pictures of the product being used, especially if you found a particularly good or novel use for it, or if it can help demonstrate to your readers exactly how the product works or what they can do with it.

Be Honest

If you want to keep your readers’ trust, and if you really want your product reviews to be useful to them, you have to be honest. Don’t worry about offending the company, for example, or trying to earn more money through your affiliate links. The purpose of your goal should be to help your readers and to freely speak your mind, so if you think the product’s best use is as a doorstop, say so.

Talk to New and Old Users

For the most part in your product review you’ll want to be speaking to your readers who don’t have any experience with it. Try to think of things from the perspective of a brand new user, and try to answer any questions or concerns they might have. You might also mention some things that would be particularly helpful to an old user of the product, such as how this model compares to last year’s.

Make Them Easy to Read

When people read product reviews, they oftentimes have specific questions about a product, or they’re just looking for a quick overview. Yes, many people will read your entire review, but it’s also a good idea to make some information easier to find or digest. You might consider making a bullet point list of pros and cons, for example, or making a list of product specifications like price, size, model number, etc. Finally, include a short, one- to three-sentence overview that summarizes your opinion of the product.

Follow-Up in the Comments

For most bloggers, this point is a no-brainer, but it’s worth stating again anyway. When people leave comments on your product review, and especially if they have further questions about the product or your opinion, answer them, for goodness sakes!

Steven Peters is a small business owner who likes to write in his spare time.  He enjoys giving help and advice to other business owners about review monitoring tactics.

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