How to Write Attention-Grabbing Headlines

Forget for just a moment that your content matters. It does, but it won’t do you any good if you don’t concentrate on writing attention-grabbing headlines. Also known as magnetic headlines or titles, this method of writing will get the attention of your readers and have them review your content. Here’s how to write winning headlines that will get the attention of your readers.

1. Write your content first. Yes, you have a title or story in mind, but you need to start things off by writing your content. All of it. Gather your photos, include your links and quote the people you intend to include in the article. Then and only then will you be ready to work on your title.

2. It is a secret. People like secrets as long as the secret isn’t about them and is something that they can learn. Add “secret” to your title and you will draw people to your content. For example, “8 Secrets of the SEO Maven,” will attract people who want to read the latest SEO tips.

3. Solve a problem. People have problems and that is why sites such as and are so popular. Title your article such as, “Smart ways to solve XYZ problem” and you will have people searching for that answer.

4. What you should know. Teachable moments come one article at a time and if that is what you are trying to impart, then you can frame your title accordingly. For instance, an article titled, “What You Should Know About Cold Sores,” will attract people who have that problem. By extension, you can think of other titles that will bring people in.

5. Make a list. Just as this article is a list, your easy, breezy articles should employ the same tactic. Endeavor to keep your article a manageable size and provide the information that will catch the attention of your readers. For example, “7 Steps to a Better You,” may not sound like much, but it is ideal for people who are into self improvement and weight loss.

6. Ways to get it done. Step by step articles are popular, but so are list articles that offer a variety of ways to complete a task or handle a situation. Stating “Little Known Ways to Get/Do/Achieve,” can be beneficial. It is the hook that some people take when they’re searching for a solution to a problem.

7. Do a how to. Demand Media took “how to” articles to another level in a bid to pull in readers. It worked, at least for a while, until Google realized that they were exploiting the market. These days you need to be careful how often you supply a “how to” article, but when you do they serve as a magnetic headline. Think, “How to Travel Across Europe on $30 Per Day” or “How to Save on State Taxes,” as titles that might inspire your readers to read more.

Headline Grabbers

You are not limited to the examples provided to come up with titles or headlines that make a difference. What you need is a hook and the right words to put forth. Keep in mind that title length should be restricted to no more than 70 characters, including spaces. The best titles are tightly composed with every word having a major impact.

So, practice your headlines and work toward making the improvements you need to draw people in. The attention-getting headlines that work don’t always come naturally, but when you do them you will have the results to show for it explains

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