How to Use Giveaways to Generate Traffic

Nowadays everyone is running their own business online. For that SEO is very important. There are very quick way to do online marketing. To market your product and to hold the traffic contests and giveaways are nice way.

Today everyone is looking for free and discounted things whether it market or internet. You can find thousands of people connected to social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many others only because they are free to join. There you can create your own contests and giveaways to build link and to grab traffic.


If you are thinking that how to use your giveaways then there are many ways. Use your mind to make good strategies. Few strategies are given below:


You should determine the goal for your giveaway. There are uncountable goals but you should one of them. Few of the examples of giveaway goal are email addresses captured, Facebook likes, retweets, photo submissions, essay submissions, video submissions, links, visitors, unique visitors, time on site and sales.

You should set a goal which run for long term and increase your sales. If sales are increases then you can grab more visitors automatically.

Parameters of giveaway

There are few parameters through which you can make your entry worth fully like:

  • Content – content is a basic parameter through which you can grab traffic. You can make your giveaway through content.
  • Video – Video is another with the help of which you make your giveaway more interesting by asking audiences on camera.
  • User Data – Do analyses and make a list of data which is necessary to fill by user while entering into a contest. Few of the outlines are name and email to address and demographic data.
  • Time Frame – For a contest you must make a time frame so that participants will not get bored it off and get enough time to prepare for it simultaneously.
  • Reward – Reward always attract participants. You must keep good reward for participants and consolation prize for their appreciation.

Content optimization

Content optimization is very necessary to grab the traffic over your giveaway as it is done to increase traffic over website. Make sure that your contest should be search engine friendly. Search engines always give priority to fresh content and links so you should create your contest over your website not on another.

Market Giveaway

Marketing is very necessary for driving traffic whether it is product, services or contest. You should promote your contest through various methods. Don’t worry it not a boring job. You’ll have great fun while doing this. You can market it through below given techniques:

  • Email – If people are not connected with other social networking websites but they surely use their email regularly. You can make people aware of your contest through emails and attract them by putting attractive subject.
  • Newsletter – Newsletter is very necessary to show up your schedule. Forward your newsletter as much as you can.
  • Blog Post – Blogging is quite popular these days. People use to search blogs to get recent updates so to reach your contest to everyone make a blog post.
  • Press Release – Press release itself mean that it is giving you an update of upcoming event. So write a press release about your contest.
  • Forums – You can grab traffic by entering into the forum but post excessive links otherwise Google mark your link as a spam.
  • Social Media Sites – With the increase of social media websites usage it becomes a great platform or online marketing. Today you can find thousands of people connected to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. So make a page or event on Facebook and also push your contest on other sites.

Vote or Poll

While choosing a winner you can use voting widget or make audience poll so that you can again grab web traffic and let people know about your contest which has already happen.

Winner Promotion
Don’t informs your winner about winning the contest secretly. Explore his winning throughout the web area. You should write a blog post, a video or print interview which can be noticeable by public. This will leave good impression about your company on the public and again your brand will be known.

See, the whole game play runs around the content. So make your content impressive. These are few ways through which you can use your giveaways to generate traffic. Read these carefully.

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