How to stay interested in blogging?

Blogging makes quick money with little effort and it is analysed that blogging is like daily task of most of the people. With daily routine it is little clumsy and bored to get engaged with blogging. Imagine, you come with your daily routine job and start doing blogging without giving time to your family. It doesn’t mean that you should quit blogging, you should start search some alternative way which can support your daily routine along with your blogging.

Don’t give up; here are some alternative ways through which you can stay interested in blogging. Have a look below:

Decrease the quantity of post per day

Don’t think that you always have to write many posts on your blog. To stay interested and to make your blog active you can decrease the quantity of posts per day.  It’s easy to get stressed out from blogging if you do it too much. With many posts your writing skills are going down than try writing one really good post each day. If your blog is updated once daily, consider writing only a few posts a week. Writing a few good entries is better than writing a lot of bad ones.

stay interested in blogging


Some bloggers have a set schedule of when to write and publish, but this doesn’t work for everyone. If you want good result than it is better to write you have a good niche in your mind and you want to write. Many blogging platforms allow users to save posts and even publish them on a predetermined date and time.

Take a day off

If you are really stressed up then you can take a day off which will be good for your blog and health also. Don’t worry if you don’t work one day still your blog will be there next day.

Shift your focus

If you are not getting in your mind that what to do then shift your focus. By shifting your focus you will really feel stressed out. You can see travel bloggers; they shift their focus from covering airline prices to covering travel destinations for families. A political blogger, instead of covering the minutiae of the upcoming presidential election, could cover the more local impact of the race.

Write according to audience

Writing posts that interest you means you will write more fervently about the subject, which will in turn attract like-minded readers. People always like to read interested and catchy things. It is obvious that you will read only things which interest of you. So analyse readers and try to write according to them. Write one post but according to them.

These are few ways through which you can stay interested in blogging and make quick money. Hope these will help you out.

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