How To Respond To Negative Comments About Your Company?

Comments are the crucial part of every business. It also shows the growth of every business but sometimes your business get in touch with negative comment. Do you ever think why company gets negative comment and review? While posting downbeat comments customers help indirectly to improve company’s deficiencies.

Whenever you get any negative always analyze why you are getting these types of feedback. The reason must be lack of product and services, providing non beneficiary product, most awful services. Sometimes people use wrong product at wrong place and blame the provider. Apart from these there can be such other reasons of nasty comments.

handle negative comments

These wicked comments cannot be stopped 100% so you have to find a way to respond such comments. Your action will be in a way so that your company’s repo stays same as before. Below are some tips which you can follow to respond negative comments about your company:


  • Whenever you see any nasty comment on your website doesn’t overreact and reply badly. Just calm down and think deeply why the person did so. Is my website lacking anything? Try to find out the reason of negative comment.
  • If someone disagrees with you doesn’t mean that he is wrong. If you think the review or comment is honest then must reply and discuss about your company dislike or if you find it fake then try to contact the administrator of commenter and justify your true details. Always analyze what wrong and right with the comment.
  • Sometimes people don’t know all about your product and services and post negative feedback. At that time you should immediately reply and describe the whole story.
  • If you really made a mistake then admit it and try to improve by given suggestion if any. This will help you to increase the trust to the customers.
  • Your readers visit your blog frequently and your responses reflect you immediately. So don’t be rude and be polite and thank the commenter for his input.
  • Readers always expect good service and solution of their problem. If someone wrote complaint in comment then it will be necessary to offer solution to fix the problem.


These points are really very necessary while replying negative comments. If you follow these points and deal with your complaints effectively then the message forward by the users will be awesome about your brand. They will encourage you more by giving their feedbacks.

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