How to Reduce Loading Time of Website To Make it Faster?

It is said that “Patience is the key of Success” but many times it can be frustrated. Today no one wants to wait. It can be irritating at times. Nowadays every eating haunt serve home delivery service especially for those who don’t want to wait for long.

Internet is very quick way of grabbing information. But internet can also be slow because of web traffic. People use internet for their convenience so obviously they want to run fast. There are few websites which take much time to load because of which an owner can lose their visitors. As we have analyzed that visitor always surf those websites which run faster.

page loading time

If you want to reduce loading time of your websites then there are few tricks mentioned below:

  • If your website have lighter interface then it will not take extra time to load. If your website has any broken link or unnecessary tags then it will obviously take time to load. It throws negative impact on your website loading time. So remove all unnecessary codes and tags. Make sure that your website isn’t having any tag which redirects your visitor on error page.
  • If your website has heavy files like images or PPT then it take time to load. Websites having larger content area take less loading time as those websites has light interface. Larger content area website also improves readability and quality of website which attract visitors.
  • It has been seen in many areas that a picture can explain much better then content. Images are heavy so it can be hurdle in server. Whenever you use images than make it server friendly to compress its size and always save images by choosing “save as web” option. Apart from image optimization make sure to choose right image format. There are different image formats such as JPEG, TIFF, GIF, and Bitmap, PNG etc. from which JPEG are good for uploading high quality images and GIF & PNG are suitable for logo image.
  • If your website has heavy design then it will surely take time to load so always go with simpler design as they load faster. Don’t try to give unique and heavy look to your website unnecessarily.
  • Always use backslash at the end of the link. It reduces the server’s website recognition and location time and helps server to trace the target immediately.

These are few points which you should consider for reducing loading time of your website. Other than it you can also take care of analyzing W3C standard and load time regularly, define height and width regularly which helps you reducing lading time directly, optimizing large files and such other. Read above points carefully.

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