How to Rank Well on Google in 2012

When the recent Google Panda update hitting the web, many webmasters are trying to figure out what they should do to rank well in 2012.  Long gone are the days where you can stuff keywords and get links from lousy article directories.  Instead, you’re going to have to have some sort of game plan.  To get you on the right path, here are a few things that you should do in 2012 to rank better on Google.


#1 Create Quality

I know its cliché, but so many people don’t follow this golden rule.  Step back and take a good look at your website.  What does your website offer that many other websites don’t offer?  Why should they keep coming back?  Remember that no one wants to read a one-page website that talk about wagon wheels.

#2 Links

Ezine Articles, Hubpages and more are all out the window.  These are easy links that anybody can get.  Let’s also not forget that these websites aren’t really that good.  Instead of writing a 500-word article on those websites, you may want to consider going out and getting hard links.  These hard links are going to be your key to success, but remember, no one will link to junk.  You will want to make sure that you have something that is worth linking to.

#3 Be Social

While many studies have shown that social media doesn’t play a big role with SEO, it can help you in the long run, and let me explain why.  For starters, people love to spread great things on Facebook.  While that viral page may bring you a lot of traffic, many people may consider linking to it from their blog or website.  If you’re not on Twitter or Facebook, consider starting up that page.  Again, with that page, make it good!  People don’t want to “like” things that are dull or spammy.

#4 Interact

Every website should have a face behind it.  Even if you have 100 contributors, make sure that each page has a picture, a link to an author bio and more.  That way, people will understand exactly who wrote it and they can also learn more about that person.  If you’re not interacting with your users and hiding behind an anonymous wall, this can turn the users off.  Remember, Google measures more than just links today, they can also measure bounce rates and so many other factors.

#5 Trust

While your pages should be of quality, it should be information that can be trusted.  If people can’t trust your information, why should they stick around?  No matter what you’re writing about, people are going to know if you’re fibbing or the information just doesn’t connect.  When writing or outsourcing your articles, make sure that the articles make sense and that they are accurate. So if you have a website talking about video games, don’t just babble about a new game that came out that you never played or even saw.

This post was contributed by Hannah.  She runs the website, How Much Is It – A resource that has over 2,000 guides showcasing the prices on anything.

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