How to optimize YouTube Videos and Channel?

SEO is really very important for every business. You need to get good rank in search engine. If we talk about search engine then Google is the first largest engine. Whenever you think about searching anything the first thing comes in your mind is “Will see on Google”. Here you can search both source of content, audio and video.

Apart from multi task search if you want to search only video clip only then you can go on YouTube. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. You can find any kind of video clip over here. You can find any Bollywood/Hollywood song, albums, business clips or any other such platform
clips. It has been seen that over 4 billion videos being viewed every single day and a stunning 60 hours of video getting uploaded every minute. Here you can find thousands of subscribers. If you are subscribed to YouTube then it will help in content visibility of your website in both YouTube and Google search. YouTube is free to join. No investment required!

youtube optimization

YouTube offers you great chance to market you product and services. It also helps in grabbing amount of traffic as it has above 800 million users. But optimization is necessary, below are few SEO optimization tips, have a look:

Video Title

Every description want title whether it is content or video. It is also analysed that good content offers good result. You should give a good and catchy title to your video and keep in mind that your title should be the according mind of audience. Your title has a key phrase which people would use to search to find your video.

Interesting Video

Interesting video is really necessary to drive good amount of traffic. Sometimes people bored of only content so make use of as much catchy material as you can like, virtual tours, flash presentations, various videos shots and quality images. Don’t forget to add music or voice-over.

Video Quality

Quality of video is very important. It is the only thing which can work negatively and positively. It has been seen that YouTube have an average length of 3 minutes. Which indirectly means that a YouTube video have an ideal length between 2 and 4 minutes. You can lose traffic if you have a longer video. You should also take care of video resolution. Make it on high resolution quality. To optimise your video more you should add watermark of your domain name, your contact details or your logo.

Video Responses

Building internal links can increase traffic to your video. To get good ranking on Google and YouTube link your video with video responses. Build internal links from your popular pages using video responses. Make sure that all popular videos are from your relevant niche.

Create Playlist

For easy search grouping is very important. If you create a playlist of your video into themes or categories then it will work well. When people search particular video from playlist then YouTube will auto play the content through which it generates more views and gives you the opportunity to earn a subscriber. It also generates more Adsense revenue.

More Comments

In optimisation content works a lot in every way. Just like blogs comment and posts, video comments improve traffic quality. Video comments on YouTube will also help to add crawl able content to your video page.

Brand Your Page

Brands are very important. It circulates around the world. No matter it is a marketing channel. You should customize the background of your channel and make it attractive. Make an attractive banner on your page. Show cast your video channel to other social networks too.

Optimize Your Account

YouTube is free to join and to create a video you have to create an account. It is not only necessary to optimise your video only. You should also optimise your account on different blogs, bookmarking sites, social networking sites, forums and through more such modes. Make sure that you must use your brand name as username for easy search result.

Link from Your Video Description

Before uploading video, YouTube offers you a space where you can describe theme of your video in 27 characters. There you should include a clickable link to help refer traffic from your video to your site.

These are few ways through which you can optimise your YouTube video and channel. All the best for your new video!

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