How To Optimize AdWords Campaigns With Impression Share Report

Google Adwords is very vast platform, there are many options through which you can make your advertisement better than better. Here i am going to talk about how you can optimize Google Adwords account with Impression Share report. Impression Share metrics measure your visibiliity, it means the percentage of impressions you got divided by the approximated number of impressions you were capable to get. Impression share report is one of the best solutions to optimize your AdWords Campaigns and take positive steps to get much better effect.

improve adwords impression share

Following are the metrics you need to understand adequately before using the impression share to optimize your AdWords account.

Impression Share (IS) – percentage of number of times your ads shown divided by the number of times your ads were able to show.

Lost IS (Rank) – Impressions you lost due to your low ad ranks.

Lost IS (Budget) – Impressions you lost due to your low budget.

Exact IS – Percentage of impressions that you got for searches that exactly matched your keyword divided by the approximated number of exactly match impressions you were able to get.

So if you want to reach 100% of your visitors you need to cover up your Lost IS Rank and Lost IS Budget.

Improve Lost Impression Share Rank

This is lil bit tricky to improve this you need to work on your ad rank. You already know the ad rank formula Ad rank= Max CPC x Quality Score. It means you have to work on your quality score and CPC. You need to increase your bids or try to increase the entire quality of your campaign to avoid this loss.

Improve Lost Impression Share Budget

This is showing you on campaign level that your ads are not showing due to your low budget. You can avoid this loss very easy by just increasing your budget.

Exact Match Impression Share

If you have high Exact Match Impression Share, it means you are reaching your focused visitor for your essential keywords but if you are dropping considerably then it means your opponents are doing effectively. To improve it run your search term report and find out which searches are not exactly matching your keywords, just add those keywords in your list and do proper bidding on these. This type of date is only avail for Search Network Campaigns and ad groups.

If you want your PPC campaigns to execute better than best you require to look at Impression Share Report and analyze where you have to work.

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