How to Make Money Using Social Media

It is not easy to make money on social media, because they are designed to work as social sites and not marketing mediums. The most obvious way to make money on social media is to place adverts on the sites. Each site has some form of affiliate marketing scheme where you can put your advert on their site. It may be a pay per click scheme, or you may have to pay for the number of impressions your advert gets. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a direct way to make money from social media then this is the way to go.

If you are feeling lucky, you can try starting a viral marketing campaign. With a viral marketing campaign, your aim is to disseminate some information to some of your followers. They are then compelled to pass on that information of their own free will. This is then passed on and on. The aim of the information is to pull people off of their social media site to go and have a look at your site. If the viral campaign works, then people will start coming straight from their social media site to your website in order to buy something.

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You could use social media in order to find a job. It is not unheard of, even though it is very difficult. Nevertheless you could make your social media page something of a CV – making sure that you look fantastic on it – in every respect. You may then confront the businesses on your social media platform and find out if they have a job for you.

You could make money indirectly by raising brand awareness on your social media platform. You could show people how great your business is, and how your goods and services are the best on the planet. You could gain legions of loyal supporters whom you could exploit the next time you have a sale or a very special-special offer.

You could beg for money on a social media platform. You could tell the world how miserable your life is, and how a $1 donation is all you will need to get back on your feet. You can also claim that you will pay them back as soon as you are up and running again. Given the fact that some people have 20,000 friends on Facebook, it shouldn’t be too difficult to drum up $300 in a couple of weeks.

You could use your social media platform to sell advice and tips. You could publish all of the solutions that you give. Before each solution you could say how, “Mrs. XX” asked, “how can XX?” and this was your answer. At the bottom you could write, “This solution only cost Mrs. XX $12”. You may then ask people if they have any problems, and that they may contact you for a low price quote.

You could use LinkedIN to make contacts in the business world. You may increase your credibility with other companies so that you can sell them your products. It may make approaching them easier, or you could just go the whole hog and solicit them on LinkedIN. It is up to you.

You could start serials and show people sneak previews of your work. You then tell them that if they want to see how the story ends that they have to go to your website to buy the serial. This can be anything from stories, newsreels, tutorials, comics, images and technical diagrams. Just show people a sneak peak on your social media, and try to draw them onto your site so that they buy your services/goods.

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