How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings in Natural Way

You must be aware by now that Google run a very large online empire, which they have become very efficient at monitoring and policing. Every year they get better and better at finding people who are abusing their online policies. We all know that Adsense can provide money to webmasters simply by having their users click on their adverts. But, forcing the issue and trying to manipulate your earnings is a sure fire way to get your Adsense account cancelled or banned. It is far better to gain Pay-Per-Click (PPC) clicks naturally.


There are however, a few things that you can do to encourage more Adsense earnings in a natural fashion. It is a little like building a fire. You can manipulate the fire by adding a hot welding flame to the fire, or you can add a few more logs and hope they burn. Increasing your Adsense earnings naturally is the equivalent of doing the latter.


increase adsense earning


Read the tutorials and FAQs that were published by Google


If you are looking for advice then the first place you should look is towards the people who created the search engine and the Adsense affiliate program. In most circumstances you would have to take a company’s own promotional material with a pinch of salt, but Google have an incentive to give you accurate and correct advice. The more people you attract to your website then the higher the probability that you are going to get more clicks on your Adsense adverts, which means you are going to earn them more commission.


Promote your website


You can do this a multitude of ways. You can start a viral email that has a link to your website. You can create a social media campaign that will attract people to your website. You can visit a wide number of article comment sections and promote your website. You can become an active member of online forums and promote your website. Whatever it takes to ensure more people visit your website is the course of action you should take.


Improve your websites SEO


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is something that happens both on your website and off of it. You have a high degree of control over what SEO is carried out on your website, and it is your job to make sure that you website is as optimized as it can possibly be. Furthermore you should make an effort to affect your off-page SEO, by encouraging people to link to you or encouraging people to create social media markers in support of your website (having them click “Like” for example).


Create a better quality website


The more enticing the food is then the more people eat at your restaurant. Similar principals can be applied to your website. If you improve the quality of your website then you are going to see more repeat traffic, and the chances of your getting off-page SEO help will also increase. Make your website easier to navigate and easier to read. Make sure that your website renders quickly and completes loading in a very swift manner. Make sure that you put your search bar near the top and your page suggestions at the bottom of your page. Make sure that your web page has less than 25-30% of its space filled with adverts. Make sure that your images are of a high quality but also load quickly. Make sure that the build of your website is not full of bugs and that all of your links and JavaScript functions work correctly. This will attract more repeat viewers who will consequently be exposed to more of your adverts, thereby increasing the chances of them clicking on your adverts.


Make sure your website has a use


If your website has an actual use then people will visit repeatedly. Your websites use can be anything you wish, but the more practical and literal it is then the more people will want to visit it. For example, there are currency converter tools embedded into websites, and they attract a lot of repeat visits. If your website has a use then more people will visit your website, which will increase the chances of your website getting more Adsense clicks.


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