How to Improve ROI of Your PPC Campaigns [Part 2]

In previous post we discussed about how to improve ROI of PPC campaigns, which is the most important for every specialist to take care of it. in last post there are points like Use Negative Keywords, Make Exciting Offers and Quality of Landing Page. So from previous post we can understand that use of Keywords play an important role to improve ROI of PPC Campaigns.

improve roi of ppc

Here are some more points to improve ROI:

5. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion

With the use of Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) you can generate more qualified ad text. DKI allows you smartly change your ad text according to the keyword that’s used to target your ad. I personally suggest you that use Dynamic Keyword Insertion not only in your ad’s headline, you must use it in ad description and display URL for better ad response to improve ROI.

6. Adjust Timing and Budget

Timing and budget adjustment is one of the most important parts of improving ROI of PPC campaigns. You can set at which time you want your ad to show or not and at which time you need your budget at high or low. By analyzing you can state that at which time you are getting better conversion rate, like if you are getting many clicks at 12 midnight but not making any leads then you can set your ads to not show at that time and if at 4 PM you are getting 1000 of clicks but making just 2 leads then you can also adjust your budget to not spend much at that time.

7. Testing/Experiment

Testing is a method which helps you in choosing the best one for you. Yeah don’t just believe that you made the best campaign, do some experiment and testing in your campaign and find out which one is generating better ROI so you can choose the best one and pause the others.

These are one of the best points to improve ROI of PPC campaigns, hope these points will help you somehow somewhere.

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