How To Improve ROI of your PPC Campaigns [Part 1]

What is ROI?

Generally known as Return On Investment (ROI), means how much you are getting on your investment. To measure the success of your online marketing campaign ROI is the most relevant metric and through which you will get the data on which field you have to work harder. You can calculate your ROI very easily by a common formula –

ROI = (Revenue – Cost) / Cost * 100

how to improve roi

How To Improve ROI of your PPC Campaigns?

1. Quiet down uses of broad match

We all know that broad match keywords can easily generate but it’s like wasting your money, yeah through broad match keywords you can’t get your targeted customer. There are options like [Exact Match] and “Phrase Match” which bring more relevant customer for you so you can increase ROI. Broad match types are generally beneficial for branding.

2. Use Negative Keywords

If you are running a PPC campaign you will definitely get wrong clicks to reduce this you should use –negative keywords. Just go to the keyword search terms and you can find the list of keywords which are not related to your business and use them as negative keywords as Broad, [Exact] and “Phrase”.

3. Make Astounding Offers

There are lots of competitions in market many companies are selling products or providing services like you. You must show your best offers in your Ad text and use terms like “Free Shipping”, “Free Download” and “Free Trial” to get the attraction of visitors. Use capitalization and Call-to-Action to improve more ROI. Make your Ads catchier and exotic with use of +1 annotation and Ad extensions.

4. Quality of Landing Page

If you make the perfect Ad text and combined it with best keywords but your landing page is not good then you will lose your ROI. Don’t waste your hard work by sending your visitors to non relevant page. Make a page which represent your ad text and keywords and have the information which searchers are searching and also make the navigation short and easy. One thing you shouldn’t do is never use your home page as landing page.

For more tips to improve ROI of PPC campaign stay connected and i will update you soon…


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