How to Drive More Traffic to Your Local Business Website

Without visitors to your local business website, you’re just sharing information with the universe without getting any return on your time investment. A website, however, is a crucial marketing tool for your local business. You just need to learn how to drive traffic to your website. To get you started, try these three items and watch your unique and page views rise!

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Allow visitors to subscribe to your updates. Whether you send out a regular newsletter with unique content or send out an email blast highlighting a new blog post, having a list of potential customers interested in receiving your content is invaluable. Without a subscription list, your local business is just posting great content and hoping the right individuals will visit the site.

Once you have a list, remember not to abuse it. If you send too many emails or the content isn’t interesting, you may find your readers unsubscribing. In order to refine your local business’ approach in this area, make sure you have someone who is monitoring statistics about what emails are opened, how many readers interact with the content, and of course, what may cause readers to unsubscribe.

Make your local business a knowledge source. When you want information, who do you go to? The expert, right? One way to increase traffic to your website is to make your local business known as the expert in a particular area. You can accomplish this end by creating guest posts for well-known blogs and linking back to your website. Look for opportunities to provide a unique insight on a well discussed topic, a fresh approach to an old problem, or a glimpse into an up and coming technology. Look for ways to engage the readers of another website and soon they will be fans of yours.  Further, look for opportunities to be interviewed or provide guidance. Websites, such as Reporter Connection, allow local businesses to easily locate individuals to interview them. Again, providing insightful information will allow readers to see you and your business as a source of information and cause them to visit your website.

Be mindful of SEO. At the end of the day, good content is king. However, without some basic SEO, your website won’t get much assistance with traffic from search engines. Therefore, ensure you or someone in your local business takes some base tutorials on the topic and spends some time identifying and incorporating the keywords identified for your business into your website.

With some time and attention, your website can be a powerful marketing tool for your local business. For more tips on this topic, check out 5 Exceedingly Simple Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Website.

Author Chris Marentis, founder of Surefire Social,  is considered an expert in the field of local business online marketing.

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